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Creating Prezi Presentations

A short instructional presentation on how to create presentations using Prezi.

Fake Smith

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Creating Prezi Presentations

By Warren Reinhart Creating Prezi Presentations First Things First Scroll the mouse wheel or press 2 to zoom out Scroll the mouse wheel forwards or press 1 to zoom in. Press 4 to rotate the camera clockwise. Press 3 to rotate the camera counterclockwise. Creating a Prezi Account three one Start by navigating to www.prezi.com. Enter the required information,
and then click Register and Continue. Click Sign Up Now. two Click Start Now under the Public account type. On the landing page, click New Prezi. Enter a title and description, and then select a template. Now let's look at the various Prezi menus The Theme Menu The Theme Menu selects a theme for your presentation
(fonts and color scheme). The Path Menu The Path Menu allows you to select the order in which frames are displayed during your presentation. Click a frame to add it to your path. The menu to the left of the editing pane lists the frames of your presentation. Simply click and drag a frame to change its position. Path changes are reflected in the menu to the left of the main pane and in the path string on the main pane. The Frame Menu In the Frame Menu, you can select Bracket, Circle, Rectangle, or Invisible Frames. Bracket Circle Rectangle Invisible The Insert Menu The Insert Menu allows you to insert shapes, files, charts, YouTube videos, images, and even Powerpoint presentations. Let's take a little break to watch a short video about working with Prezi objects. Shapes Images Powerpoint files Videos Charts Files Useful Tips Hold down Shift while drawing a frame to maintain a 4:3 ratio.
Right-click an object and use the context menu to move it forwards or backward.s It is best to think of the presentation area as a cube. ...and have a nice day. Thank you for your attention...
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