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Weapons Used At Gallipoli

This is a prezi to show the weapons used at gallipoli

Loa Tohotoa

on 29 May 2011

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Transcript of Weapons Used At Gallipoli

Weapons Used In The Gallipoli Campaign The type of guns used by Australian army were Artillery, Rifles, Trench Mortars, Hand Grenades, Machine Guns And Hand Guns. The type of weapons used by the ANZAC's played a big part in the Gallipoli campaign. Machine guns played a vital role in the Gallipoli campaign as they killed hundereds of soilders in a short amount of time. But they were unreliable because they were very heavy and took alot of time transporting when it was needed and machine guns would of heated up really quickly and stop firing. There were two main types of machineguns that Australian used in the Gallipoli campaign the Lewis Gun and the Vickers Heavy Machine Gun. Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Vikers Heavy Machine Gun Lewis Gun Lewis Gun Trench mortars were used to fire a projectile from one trench to another trench from a safe distance. Mortars were very light and moveable and they could fire over one kilometer. Trench Mortar Trench Mortar Every Australian carried a handgun which was mostly used when you ran out of ammo from your primary weapon. The handguns were light so they were easy to carry. The handguns used by the Australians were the .455 Wembly and Webley Mk IV . Webley Mk IV .445 Wembly Rifles was carried by all Australians soilder they were light, efficent at shooting, accyrate and had long range. There were two main rif;es used by the Australian soilders the .303 Enfield Rifle and the Mosin Nagant.
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