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At Hiruharama

No description

Min-Chen Chu

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of At Hiruharama

Penelope Fitzgerald At Hiruharama
(2000) 17 December 1916 ~ 28 April 2000 in Lincoln, England
Grew up in a literary environment : father (editor) and uncle (translator)
Booker Prize winning, novelist, poet, essayist and biographer
One of the first women students at Oxford
In 2008, she is included in a list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945" by The Times
She taught at the Italia Conti Academy
Worked in BBC during WW2
Been compared in her quality of social comedy and irony to Jane Austin Penelope Flitzgerald A young man comes from England to New Zealand with the expectation of getting a useful apprenticeship, but winds up working as a servant
A young woman comes to New Zealand expecting to be a governess, but also winds up working as a servant.
They meet, he courts her and they got married.
The woman got pregnant and he starts to do some calculations about the big day.
He goes to the doctor and asks him about life statistics. He then buys come pigeons to call the doctor.
When the big day comes, Tanner gets excited. At that time, Brinkman, a man who is very lonely and isolated and who is interested in women comes.
Tanner manages to born the baby but he throws the second baby away.
The doctor comes and saves the second baby.
Tanner hangs his motto on his wall "Throw Nothing Away". Plot Setting - Mr.Tanner
loving Characters rural life
poverty vs wealth (significance of money) Themes narration : third person limited narration which we can not understand any deeper feelings of the characters
attitudes of the characters very well portrayed --> the readers feel like the story is real
dramatic moments : the wife's cry, the husband covered in blood and the twist toward the end of the story Style a remote spot in the countryside, Hiruharama where the nearest neighbor is an eccentric man who comes over for dinner semiannually.
"quit New Zealand"
"dry good store in Auckland"
"at a Methodist social"
"The land round Auckland at that time was ten shillings an acre"
"north of Awanui"
"It was such a poor country"
"the North Island"
"It's off the road to Houhora, you turn off to the right after twelve miles"
"He was about nine or ten miles off at Stony Loaf"
"They were all Blue Chequers - Kitty
strong - Brinkman
self centered
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