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No description

Allison Sykes

on 30 December 2013

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It all started with this show
They became friends and then...........
No one besides his bestfriend Stiles and Derek Hale knew this. This was the secret he kept from that girl. Scott couldn't tell her and at first he didn't believe Stiles then on his first date with the girl he liked,the transformation started to happen.
The love story between Allison Argent and Scott McCall. The Werewolf hunter and the werewolf.
Scott McCall
Stiles Stillinski
He was just the guy who wasn't so good but played lacrosse. But this year he was different he got first line, he got a chance to go on a date with a girl he really liked, and he was a werewolf.
She was the new girl who forgot her pen.........
Her family are werewolf hunters. Her aunt Kate comes to help and then there does Allison learn that she can't be with Scott, she learns the truth about the teenager she loves. She learns that he has been keeping a secret from her a very big secret. Only listening to her aunt Kate's orders with her father not aware of the situation. Allison rebeles against Scott. Kate then captures Derek and locks him in chains somewhere underneath the Hale house that was almost entirely burned down.
Allison finds out about her families past and secret with help from her aunt Kate.
< The necklace her aunt Kate gave her for her "early birthday present" to give her hints about her families secret.
He decided to offer her his pen......
It went to a little more.
Also Derek Hale is a werewolf too. But he was born a werewolf, Scott was bitten. Throughout season's 1 and 2, Derek is teaching Scott everything so they can become parteners. In season 1 when they first meet Derek tells Scott that they are brothers now that Scott was bitten.
^ Before the fire
^ After the fire
Allison's dad tells Kate to take Allison to her house in washington but instead Kate takes a different route.
Instead they go to kill Derek and Scott. Allison shoots a couple of flash arrows to catch them off guard. Derek gets shot in the leg by an arrow and pulls it out. Kate then shoots Derek in the back. Leaving Kate ready to shoot Scott, Allison tries to stop her but Kate doesn't listen and then Chris (Allison's dad ) shows up and aims a gun at Kate and tells her to put the gun down before he shoots her down. Kate then listens but........
Peter Hale (Derek's uncle ) comes into the scene and takes Kate by her throat telling her to apologize for burning his family alive. But when she says sorry he doesn't accept it and..............
^ Peter rips Kate's throat out
And Kate dies, in season 2 Allison and her family attend Kate's burial and funeral.
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