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Marlayna Minnick

on 20 September 2013

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In college-
Major in chemistry, biology, physics, molecular biology, or a related science.
Some colleges offer degrees in forensic science. Make sure the program requires at least 24 semester hours of either chemistry or biology and math..
Take elective courses in law enforcement, criminal justice and crime scene processing.
After college-
A master’s degree in forensic science is required to qualify for jobs . Look for a program laboratory science and research, with coursework in crime scenes, physical evidence,
To become certified, the criminalist must study for and pass an exam administered by the American Board of Criminalistics
Responsibilities and daily Activities
Secure the crime scene
Take detailed measurements
Sketch and diagram the scene
Take photographs
Document all evidence taken from the scene (location, nature, etc.)
Package and label evidence for transfer to the lab
Attend and photograph autopsies
Write a report detailing evidence collection procedures and conclusions
Testify to their findings in court
Work Cited

education and training required
High school -
Take plenty of science courses
Participate in science fairs, creating projects that utilize scientific methods to solve mysteries.
Join the debate team to practice public speaking skills and build confidence.

education and training required
education and training required
Being A Crime scene investigator takes a lot of training and hard work. I would pursue this career option because you get to discover and do so many things the jobs would have know idea how amazing it is. Although you will see things at scenes that is unpleasant it must feel good to say you know who did the crime.
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