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Social Media Strategies, September 2011

Are you already using social media? This half day workshop will allow you to develop your social media strategy.

Bex Lewis

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Media Strategies, September 2011

Which media?
How often?
To achieve what? Social Media Strategies Dr Bex Lewis, for http://www.churchcommstraining.org/ Twitter Make yourself INTERESTING to readers
Justify their investment of TIME
Give them a reason to ‘follow’/’continue following’
What's new?
Sneak Peaks
Fun/Humour (balance serious/casual)
What stories does your church have? Strategy What do you want to achieve from Twitter?
How often will you tweet?
Will you use one or multiple accounts?
If tweeting as a brand who will be your 'face'?
Have you access to a smartphone?
What will be your "keywords"/hashtags? http://asbojesus.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/908/ Social Media & Marketing? Social Media & Pastoral Care Social Media & Youth Childwise Monitor Report 2009/10 Childwise Monitor Report 2009/10 Children watch 2.8 hours TV day 75% of them still read for pleasure 1.8 hours per day on the internet Further Resources:
• Know the legalities: http://www.ceop.police.uk/
• Good general advice to draw out: http://www.getsafeonline.org/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=1124
• Advice for different age groups: http://www.stopcyberbullying.org/
• Advice for different age groups: http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/, including specific advice on ‘sexting’.
• Facebook experiment, St Paul’s: https://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgb9b54d_0f57jd6vk You have to be clear about your target market and choose the right channel to make sure you are talking to them. http://digital-fingerprint.co.uk/2010/05/facebookers-force-leeds-to-trash-gagging-code/ Who are you? http://www.google.com/alerts Repurposing? Define a criteria of the kind of people that you want to follow, find 5-10 people who fit that criteria & follow daily.
Find 3-5 items of interest (e.g. weblinks, snippets of information, facts) that you want to share with others, demonstrating your particular brand/knowledge, using the repurposed materials/Google Alerts, etc.
Retweet messages from others, demonstrating your network & it’s relevance/knowledge.
Reply to people who have responded to you with @mentions, and direct essages (watch out for the spam).
Think of ways to encourage people to engage with you, e.g. through asking a polemical question
Recommend other people of value, especially on #lovemonday, #charitytuesday and #followfriday (one per tweet, with a reason).
Use the search function to search for people talking about your ‘keywords’, listen, engage and ADD VALUE.
Tweet in less than 120 characters, allowing other people to RT you
Using tools such as ‘Hootsuite’ means that you can pre-schedule these messages, although there’s debate as to whether this is ‘real’ Twitter interaction. Daily Twitter Workout: Facebook Make people want to look closer at what you do...
Why would they want to 'LIKE' you?
What are you giving them? Content straight into their newsfeed, but is it interesting/relevant?
'Like' others pages that may be of interest, linked from your page.
'Share' materials that you see on others sites.
Give space for support & open discussion questions Allow blog posts to autofeed via a blog widget, or use Networked blogs.
Upload photos of what’s going on, especially ‘behind the scenes’ and where possible encourage tagging/commenting.
Check to see if anyone has commented, and respond appropriately. Think about if you can posit particular questions to encourage comment.
Read through other ‘pages’, particularly those linked to your ‘Like’ page, to identify stories you could share.
Use the search function to identify if there are interesting stories to share, or new ‘Like’ pages to follow.
‘Share’ 1-2 stories from other profiles/pages on your page
Post a link to a site outside of Facebook, with thought-provoking comment.
Once a week, look for a question to pose as a discussion starter, using the ‘Question’ function.
Also: Share appropriate material on your personal profile, and encourage members of the church to do so.. you provide the interesting material, they might share it with their friends (but please don’t flood/spam!)
Encourage your church members to demonstrate ‘whole-life Christianity’ through their visible engagement not only in church activities, but in other life-activities.
o It’s also possible to use Hootsuite to schedule material…. But I tend to use live-time. Facebook: Daily Workout http://www.slideshare.net/rohitbhargava/the-25-basic-styles-of-blogging-and-when-to-use-each-one Blogging http://manipulating-media.co.uk/2010/08/20/what-does-a-good-blog-post-look-like/ Blogging Strategy:
Blog REGULARLY, whether that be once a day, once a week, or once a month.
Look for quality, not quantity, but also recognise that blog posts can be a 'work in progress' or a 'discussion document'.
Use a range of blogging styles (check out the ’25 list’)
Blog before, during and after events.
Use audio-visual material in the posts.
Prepare material in advance where possible, and schedule to post.
Seek multiple authors YouTube Comment Comment Comment Comment Set up a ‘Channel’, branded appropriately.
Look out for videos ‘of interest’, think about whether you want to:
Comment on them (no ‘flaming’)
Blog about them
Favourite them/add them to a playlist
Think about stories that you have to tell, and start to develop video footage – production values do not need to be BBC!
Events (before/after)
Sermons (especially quick overviews/responses)
People and their lives
If you want to go ‘viral’, there’s no magic bullet, just post & share … and see if the wind’s blowing in your direction! A note on audio...
For those 'on the move'
Sick, immobile, abroad
Sermons: a second listen Google + http://socialmediasurgery.com/ Who else can you get on board? Manageability & Sustainability No 1 Action? ROI?
http://www.google.com/analytics/ Some 3rd party tools hootsuite.com http://www.friendorfollow.com/bigbible/following http://audioboo.fm/drbexl Don't look to "PUBLISH", but to join a CONVERSATION http://www.tweetdeck.com/ http://www.squidoo.com/twitterapps http://twitpic.com/photos/drbexl crowdbooster.com http://twapperkeeper.com/ Echofon Twitterfall.com Klout.com http://disqus.com/dashboard/ postrank.com http://soundcloud.com http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
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