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geography citites

No description

fares srahin

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of geography citites

Places to live ... hebron Hebron, Paleastine Brasilia, Brazil New york, U.S.A. `there has been war since 1998
`very low health benifits
`not many jobs that are available
`the jobs are very hard
`bad education
`no food shiped in the country
I currently live in
Hebron, Palestine Although Hebron is a great city
with many memories and loved ones. I am still going to think of a different city to move to. And thats because .. Hebron a small city
but very old. now my 2 choices for the two cities I am intrestied in moving to would have to be .. Anyways ;0 first Brazil, Brasilia. Brazillia a very big city also known by its great weather and beautiful beaches There are two language spoken,

Arabic and Hebrew. The three languages
spoken are
English , Spanish
and the main language
spoken in the city is
Portugeuse Birth rate of Hebron is 35.9 and the death rate is
death rate of Brizillai is 6.35 birth rate is 18.72 also great amusing parks
for everyone to enjoy. population of 2,606,885
as you can see Brasilia, Brazil
seems such a great city and it
is dont get me wrong , but their
are always push factoers such as
Brazil is one of the world's leading producers of hydroelectric power. Over 75 percent of its electrical power is generated via dam projects wich means their are any facterys that are pultical the air now the other city I had in
mind to move to is..

Population of the city is
167,000 (2006) oh yeh also it's
soccer team The death rate is very high because of the war going on right now. New york A huge city
known all around the world
for the Statue of Liberty and many
other great historical sence

population of new york city is
19,541,453 - Jul 2009

birth rate 13.0 now New York is one of the largest cities
in the world wich means their would be many tourest coming and going from the city, which also means that the city would be realy crowded and very busy . New York Hebron Brasilia As I said a very small country,
all together and it may be as big as Toronto. Finally after all of my hard work of
reserching about different countrys / cities
I have decided to just stay where I belong
and that is Hebron, Palestine. tank u 4 wtching m
see their is beaches their it is again peace out peace out Also very old their is many beaches peace out
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