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Abstract Art

This Prezi explains the history of art, and explains how humans developed art in so many ways, as well as how long it took for art to turn from cave art to abstract art. You'll also learn about some famous artists and their paintings.

Hannah Giarrusso

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of Abstract Art

The History of Art Pablo Picasso:
1881 -1973
He made many types of art, including: expressionism, romanticism and abstract art. An example of
abstract art...
as you can see,
this does not
resemble an exact thing... except to the artist! As you can see
here, this painting
looks like it has some
dice and a big explosion...
very abstract. This famous painting, "The Scream," shows a great example of expressionism. This painting was
probably made out of junk
in Germany. As you see,
it has some German words
like "und" or "Berlin". You
can really tell the orgin of
a painting in two ways: by
words or by style. Abstract Art Edvard Munch:
1863 - 1944
He painted "The
Scream"and many other
paintings, such as"The
Kiss" and "Girls
on a Bridge". Leonardo da Vinci:
1452 - 1519
Painter of the famous "Mona
Lisa", Leonardo da Vinci has painted
many successful paintings until
his death. Famous Painters Concentric circles are
also a great example of
expressionism, as the
painter can paint them any
way he wants, depending
on his mood. This last painting shows
expression, too. Why?
Because it shows the painter's
view of the world. Expressionist Art Why does she smile?
The Mona Lisa, a famous
painting by Leonardo da
Vinci, has a mysterious smile...
After all, that's what romantic
art is all about!! This is a great example of
romantic art. As you
can see, this is a painting
of a dramatic battle scene.
That's romanticism. DRAMA. Romanticism again!
This painting shows
a scene with blazing
red skies, bare trees...
very dramatic. This painting is a love
story, making it very
romantic. Interesting Art and
Optical Illuisons -1888-
Who do you see here?
A young woman or an
old lady? This popular
painting shows an optical
illusion. Romantic Art Impressionism Art Look at the point of
view in this picture. It's
an odd view. Well, that's
impressionism. This, once again, has
an odd view. At least, back
when there were no helicopters.
That's a sign of impressionism art. Our last view of impressionism,
I would like to point out that although this is not a rare point of view, it is not something that you
would see too often, and that also
makes it impressionism art. 19th Century Art Late 16th Century, about 1770 18th Century, to about 1905, when it began to be called "abstarct art". Mid 17th Century Do you see a lady here, or
two horses leaping
simultaneously? This is an
optical illusion, as it can be
seen as two things at the same
time. Credits




- Google Images

-www.picassoguernica.com My Own Art I began as a very
unexperienced person at
this, not exactly knowing
what I was doing. But the
final product really turned
out well. Wanna see it?
Drumroll.... The Final Product, titled
"Woven Colors".
It's also known as
my first successful
work of art!! Horray! Now I am going
for a second
piece of art. This
One is still abstract
art, but it almost
crosses the line
into expressionist
art...How will it
turn out? Here is my second
work of art, titled
"Summer Flood". This is also my
artwork. This
painting is titled
"On The Line". Me, making "Young
Forever". I made it,
literally, with a flick
of my wrist. The product of all
my hard work,
"Young Forever". A quick before & after about
what I learned about abstract art:

Abstract art is easy to make;
all you have to do is become messy
with the art and do whatever you

It's not just like you can do whatever
you like; your art actually has to mean
something to you internally, and also
externally. For example: If you mix too
many colors while trying to be "abstract",
you will get brown. If that is what you
intended in the first place, great! The point
is that you need to really know what you are doing when painting ANY kind of art!
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