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Internet Leads: Best Practices

For Bankrate Insurance Products

Tyler McCollum

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Internet Leads: Best Practices

Internet Leads:
Best Practices Process Focused Results Inspired to make changes to your system?
Contact your lead provider to update your account today!
NetQuote: 800-795-2886
InsureMe: 800-467-8736
AgentInsider: 866-892-4080
Have a webinar request, suggestion, or feedback?
Send an email to: servicewebinar@bankrateinsurance.com Contact Us Your Success is Our Success! Leading finance site with 71 MM+ visitors annually
Leader in Mortgages, Insurance, Credit Cards, and Deposits
Strong history of improvements in lead quality and customer experience

InsureMe (2009)
NetQuote (2010)
InsWeb/AgentInsider (2011)
InsuranceAgents.com (2012) Bankrate Insurance is a division of Bankrate, Inc. Award Winning Insurance Network Company Overview LEADING FROM THE FRONT Superior quality

Full service experience

Continuous innovation Look at the difference one minute makes! The goal is to SPUR them into action Multiple Attempts Strategic Content Contact Intelligence
No resumes
Avoid information overload
Get to the point
Earn the conversation

You're not a spam robot. Show it.
Be that ultimate live consultant.

Use your U.S.P! Tell them why they should choose you.

Always be professional.
Check spelling and grammar
Avoid ALL CAPS, industry jargon and abbreviations. Specific Personal Unique Relatable A process that works will be: Consistent Persistent Responsive Automated* Speed & Flexibility: key with a dynamic market and industry Regular reviews and training keep everyone on the same page Multiple strategic contacts
Long term tie-in Automated systems include:
Email Responders
Live Transfers Makes sense, right? Proudly Presenting:
Instant dialing
Live verification
Warm transfers
Text alerts LiveLeads How we do it: Focus on selling
Easy credit decisions
Weekends available
Currently available with NetQuote & InsureMe 87% Up to 5 calls in 48 hours
Up to 2 messages
Next day reporting How long do you like to wait? Call first, then email. 60% of converted leads went with the first contact Leads called under 60 seconds showed 390% increased conversion rates! Leads called 1-2 minutes still converted 160% more often than the average Long Term Strategy Monitor and reevaluate Closing Rates A.I. agents report 5-12% The 4 Take-Aways Call fast, call often
Use a process focused strategy
Monitor, Review, Adjust
Don't give up! 50% of leads are never called twice! Consumers say you can call too often When? Which days/times are best? Yours until you quit Think weeks and months Use email drip campaigns Rates are tied to process Better process = better rates Perfect practice = better process
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