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Burlesque Presentation

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Shenandoah Ellis

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Burlesque Presentation

Burlesque–literary & musical work intended to cause laughter by characaturing the manner.
The word "burlesque" is derived from the Italian burla, which means “mockery”

High burlesque- imitation where a literary, elevated manner was applied to a commonplace or comically inappropriate subject matter as.

Low burlesque- applied an irreverant, mocking style to a serious subject.

What is Burlesque?
Victorian burlesque
Also known as travesty or extravaganza,
Popularized in Victorian England between the year 1830s and the 1890s and in the New York theater of the mid 19th century.
It took the form of musical theater parody.
"Related to and in part derived from pantomime and may be considered an extension of the introductory section of pantomime with the addition of gags and 'turns'.”

American Burlesque
American style of burlesque flourished, but with increasing focus on female nudity.
English genre had been successfully staged in New York from the 1840s, and it was popularized by a visiting British burlesque troupe, Lydia Thompson and the "British Blondes", beginning in 1868.

Types of Burlesque
Dixie Evans is arguably the most famous burlesque dancer of all time. She opened and operated the Exotic World Museum for many years. Dixie Evans was commonly referred to as “The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque.”
Dixie Evans
GiGi La Femme was a Burlesque dancer from Nashville. She was known for her fully nude performance in the show “Revealed” which took place in Manhattan.
GiGi La Femme
Dita Von Tesse is a famous burlesque dancer who was previously married to Marilyn Manson. She fully admits to looking better at 40 than at 20. Dita Von Tesse is still performing today in “Burlesque: Strip, Strip, Hurray!"
Dita Von Tesse
Burlesque Then
Don't Forget!
Burlesque Now
What to wear?
Burlesque performers dress in an older fashion, they wear lingerie and very revealing clothes. Most of the time it will be pushup and show the girls legs but they will have netted panty hose on.
So what happened to Burlesque?
As burlesque evolved it turned into performances in a variety show format. These were popular from the 1860's to the 1940's. The shows generally included bawdy comedy and female striptease.

In the 1970's to the 1980's burlesque lost popularity as the the porn industry was born and strip clubs became prevalent.

In recent decades there has been a revival of burlesque, sometimes called Neo-burlesque. Many shows on the 'Strip' incorporate a burlesque- style routine into their performances. Today's burlesque might be defined as a seductive, sexually suggestive dance style involving some striptease.
How to become a Burlesque dancer
Las Vegas Burlesque Festival
October 10-12, 2013
Tickets available at www.lvburlesquefest.com
Its not all Glamour
Appreciate the art and further the knowledge of it
Research Burlesque artists
How it relates to what you want to get out of Burlesque/what you put into it.
Dance Classes!
Get fit and learn how to move.
Get the Look
Sheer nylons, heels with feathers or fluff
Glitter and rhinestones
High Stockings
Be bold with color
Pasties/Nipple TasseSs
Suspenders and belts
Black eyeliner (cateyes)
Cherry Red lipstick
Practice and cultivate a show
Rule of thumb: be able to successfully remove clothing and look good doing it.
Have props, signature bold routine and seductive tricks.
Express your sex appeal
Be glamorous all day, not only for shows
learn to look modest, to pout, to laugh . . .
Be able to adapt to any circumstance
Promote Yourself
Build a website
Take it up a notch
If you are getting booked and selling out, create a troupe.
Take it to the extreme.
Constantly on tour
Majority of your time is spent on trains/buses
"You're mostly broke"
"We shit glitter"
Covered in bruises
Hurts some peolpes self esteem
Ripping off nipple tassels really hurts.
Costumes are filthy (there is seldomly time or money to get them cleaned)
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