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Viral Marketing Project

No description

K. Travis Ballie

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Viral Marketing Project

Viral Marketing Strategery:

[AKA Our Epic Baptism by Fire in Social Media Marketing] Our Metrics:

--User Reach: Measuring by physical geographic origin of hits
--Volume of Participation: Measured by retweets, Facebook likes/comments, and blog comments
My "Bets":
-- Direct Tweets (@): Tweeting to people I thought would value the content and pass it along

-- Targeting my Followers: Tweeting generically to my followers and anyone else online; changing key words to attract people with various search criteria
-Status updates
- good method of
directly reaching others

-Notes and tagging people Blogging "My Bets"

- Blogging would personalize the concepts for an audience.
- Generate traffic through blog critic recommendation. Our Earned New Media

- Front page mentions on the largest progressive website "DailyKos"
- Website has at least 1,000,000 hits a month, but this was a Diary.
- Mention on main page of Daily Kos

- 10 Recs:MeToo, bleeding blue, yella dawg, My Stupid Opinion, thethinveil, AuroraDawn, Teknocore, aigeanta, CamillesDad1, MinistryOfTruth, shayera
- Posted Monday Night 10pm

- Rec'd on Main Page Last Night 8pm
- Rush Hour in the morning increased hits 500% COMMENTS!

"I hope every progressive who is running for office is given a primer with just this kind of information. Well done!"

"...You aren't the only one to note the lack of tech savvy demonstrated by certain Dem candidates. Deeds is hardly the only guilty party..."

sn.im/goviral 3 clicks
cli.gs/Dandelion 28 Clicks
sn.im/dailykos 59 clicks
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