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Theatre History 1

on 24 October 2013

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Lorem Middle Ages
Lorem iterum mediae cum theatrum, factum latine. Infeliciter, paucis locutus Latine. Nam lingua scolares. Praeter scolares, quod nemo novit dicitur.
A Woman of Many Titles
She Chose The Nun Life
-Possibly the first female Playwright
-Also was a poet
-Power of Virgins
-Her work was discovered sometime between
1492-1493ish by Proctucius (Poet)
-Hrotsvitha wrote women in power VS. women who were saved
-Terence wrote about torrid love affairs VS. the chaste women of Hrotsvitha
-Why did Hrotsvitha feel the need to thank him for her playwrighting style?
195-159? BC
The Top Ten Most Influential Medieval Women
Other Notes and Facts
The Roswitha Prize
-Began 1973

*According to Akorra.com
"Quality Articles by Quality People"
When Theatre started again in The Middle Ages, it was done in Latin. Unfortunately, few people spoke Latin. It was the language of scholars. Except for the scholars, no one knew what was being said.
Welcome to The Middle Ages
Wait? What happened again?
Rise of Christianity
Fall of the Roman Empire 4th Century C.E.
Is it time for a comeback tour yet?
Lived 747CE-814CE
Ruled 768CE-814CE
King of Franks 768
King of Lombards 774
Emperor of Holy Roman Empire 800
It's not stealing, it's taking inspiration
Greek Vs Medieval
Religious Purpose
Liturgical Drama and the City Dionysus
Roman Vs Medieval
Traveling Troops
Shift from religious theatre to secular theatre
-Around the time of Hrotsvitha,
Aristotle was re-discovered
Religious Life

-Urban Areas (even more popular later!)
Settings of urban life:

Play Structure
In Medieval times the structure of a play changed to settle into the guidelines of three different types of plays:
The plot and characters were drawn from the books of the Bible.
Comes from the word ministerium meaning a religious service or office.
What's an episodic play?
Contains more than one plot and follows them back and forth, unlike the typical Greek play where the plot begins near the climax and locations are limited.

Action within the Second Shepherd's play shifts abruptly from a field to Mak's hut and then Christ's manger. Comedy and tragedy are intermingled throughout the play instead of keeping them separate.
The Second Shepherd's Play
The Second Shepherd's Play
The play follows the biblical story of the shepherds who were told by an angel that Jesus Christ was born and they must go to Bethlehem to visit the manger where he was born.
This play uses the most of the standard dramatic techniques of a mystery episodic play
Built its plot around the lives and the works of the saints. They were usually performed on the saint's feast day. Some of the scripts were biblical, others were not.
These dramas were based on the spiritual trials of the average man. They formed a bridge between the Medieval religious plays and the secular dramas of the Renaissance. The plays were allegories about the moral temptations which beset every man. The location was every man's soul. The action of the drama was the battle between good and evil to posses man's soul.
Good Deeds
The main character Everyman represents humanity and is told my Death that his earthly life is over. Afraid of the journey ahead of him, Everyman looks for a companion. He asks several characters but the only one who agrees is Good Deeds.
The lesson that Everyman, along with the audience, learns is that only Good Deeds can be of any assistance when one is summoned by Death.
Monk/Nun Life
-Read and wrote Latin -specifically for Bible copies
The Physical Theater
Cross Shaped Floor Plan
Telling Stories
Who Knows Buffy?
Pageant Wagon
Dulcitius Vs The Baccheae
Man Vs Faith
Man Vs Other
Faith of the newer religion wins out

Let's Start at
The Very Beginning
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