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Apple Products

No description

Emma Cooper

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Apple Products

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c The iPad post-it I Mac Steve Jobs invented the I-Phone
The I-Phone is an advanced smartphone.
The first I-Phone was released on June 29, 2007
Apple sold 700,000 sales on the first weekend. Apple Phones and First Phone Comparison Apple Products Bibliography Page In November 2007 only 3 Countries could buy the I-Phone. By the end of 2008 78 countries could. By 2011 103 countries. I Phone was $499 After apple invented the Newton Messenger pad apple decided that phones were a better business. so apple and Motorola released the Roker E1, the first made phone to use i tunes and apples first businesses making a phone. Motorola and Bell Labs raced to build the first cell phone. It ended when they released the Motorola Dyna TAC, the first mobile phone. It was almost a foot long and weighed 2.5lb. when charged it was places on a giant battery and took 10 hours to charge and you could only talk for 30 min. at one time. The retail price was $3,995 ($9,322 in present day terms). I Phone The I Phone Features Dyna TAC
(First Phone)
I Mac, I Phone, I Pad I Phone The First Advanced Major Cell Phone Hundreds of people fled the streets to buy the first amazing i Phone. Apple releases a new i phone each year. Most recent was I Phone 5 2012. I Pad It took a lot of stunning features of technological innovation to create the thin design of the new I mac. The Apple company refined, and re designed everything inside out, and the result is a work of art. I Mac "Apple-Mac". Apple.com 2013 <http://www.apple.com/.> The i phone can shoot video (but not a feature in till the i phone 3gs) You can take photos play music, receive email go on the web, send texts,phone and voice mail. It has games GPS navigation, and more than 777,000 apps that enter the apple app store each day. The Dyna Tac was a
very limited phone
all you could do was call
people, when the i phone
has many awesome features "Motorola DynaTAC" Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. http://www.wikipedia.org/. March 5, 2013. "iPhone" Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. http://www.wikipedia.org/. March 5, 2013. Technology. Editorial Sol 90. 2011. pp. 14-15 & 48-49. "iPad" Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. http://www.wikipedia.org/. March 6, 2013. The Touch Screen The Touch screen is a very old idea; it was though possible about 4 decades ago!! The touch screen has become popular in only a few years, even though the idea of the touch screen was thought out a long time ago. There are many different layers of a touch screen. All of the different layers of the touch screen together are only 0.05 inches (1.16 millimeters) thick!!! The touch screen only responds/reacts to changes in electrical current (human skin is electrically charged, so it reacts to human contact). The basic idea of the touch screen is pretty simple; when you place your finger or stylus on the screen, it changes the state that the device is monitoring (it changes what is on the screen to what was touched). LCD Lights The technology used in the display of items of cell phones and laptops is based on the use of liquid crystals (this was a discovery of the 19Th century). LCD lights gives the size of the image more quality and LCD lights need less power than other lights to operate.

Only uses the colors red, green, and blue to make a powerful white light that makes the figures on the screens.
Liquid crystals share the characteristics of both solids & liquids. The molecules in have a shape like a crystal which is the characteristics of solids, but it still has the freedom of movement like liquid. The path of LCD light. The iPad is a tablet computer that was made by Apple Inc.
It was announced on January 17, 2010.
It is thought of in a category between smartphones and laptop computers.
The iPad has a 9.7 inch screen, weighs 1.5 pounds, has Wi-Fi, and it has up to 10 hours of battery life.
There is already over 1,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad with even more being released every day. The iPad can also run almost all of the apps created for the iPhone and the iPod touch.
The touch screen is 25 centimeters with scratch-resistance glass.
There are also certain wireless headphones and keyboards that can be used with the iPad. This is a video of
some features of the newest I Mac Get a Mac” commercials have been ranked as one of the best advertising campaigns of the new century Apple Inc.’s founder, Steve Jobs, is a college dropout. He dropped out of, Reed College in 1972, after attending only one semester! In the early 1987, Ross Perot invested $20 million in NeXT! However, he resigned from the company’s board of directors and sold most of his shares before Apple bought NeXT and Steve Jobs returned to his company. The most expensive Apple store is on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and is estimated to have cost $10 million to build. It is also said to be one of the most photographed retail landmarks in the world "Apple Inc. and Mac." Random Facts.com <http://facts.randomhistory.com/interesting-facts-about-apple-and-mac.html> iPadInsider. "Apple iPad: Steve Jobs Keynote Jan 7 2010 Part 1." YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/ The Apple company had to make a lot of changes like making the screen 75 percent less reflectant. The Apple company also re-architect the LCD and moved it right up against the cover glass so you can see everything on the screen very vivid. Created by............. Emily Byrd Isabella Hoyt David Hartway "How the iPhone works." How Stuff Works.com. 1998. <http://tinyurl.com/59g288> Walmart sells the iPad mini for $329, $429, $529, $559, and $659, depending on the different features included. (color, storage amounts, etc.) How much the different iPads cost at Walmart. The iPad 2 costs $349, $399, and $529 depending on its different features. The iPad 3rd generation costs $399, $479, $549 depending on the different features included. The 1st iPad sold from about $500-900 everywhere when it first came out. (depending on the features included.) "Shop Apple iPad." Walmart.com. http://tinyurl.com/cbuxn5m I Macs usually cost somewhere around 1,000 to 2,000 dollars!! This is a picture of and LCD light inside an I Mac.
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