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Direct & Indirect Characterization

No description

Hannah Lewis

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Direct & Indirect Characterization

Direct & Indirect Characterization
*" Her way of smiling very simple and coy"(l.123)
*" Her cloak, I noticed, had a grateful charm"(I.161)
*"...Amor vincit omnia."(I.166)
She speaks Latin... Love conquers all!
Indirect Characterization With The Nun
*"And well she sang a service..."(l.126)
She sang well in church
*"And she spoke daintily in french..."(l.128)
She barley spoke French
*"She was so chacitably solicitons"(l.147)
She was nice and cared about people

Indirect Characterization With Yeoman
*"...he bore a mighty bow"(l.110)
*"No other servant..."(l.104)
*"He knew the whole woodcraft up and down"(l.112)
Direct Characterization With Yeoman
By: Hannah, Josie, Shondria, Jacob C. & Jacob M.
Direct Characterization With The Nun
*"His head was like a nut..."(l.111)
*"...his face was brown"(l.111)
*"...wore a coat and hood of green"(l.105)

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