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Speeches, News Conferences & Meetings

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Karen Choi

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Speeches, News Conferences & Meetings

Writing Tips
Research the speaker
Estimate the size of the audience
Take notes on the crowd
Interview an audience member
Record the speech
Research the topic
- Look for a bio
- What ?s are you trying to answer?
Understand the issue
Come up with interview questions
- size of the audience
- location of speech
- reason for speech
- highlights of speech
-incl. good quotes!
- audience reaction
Standard Speech Story
LEAD: summarizes most newsworthy or provocative point
A powerful quote from the speech that reinforces/supports LEAD
Explains where, when & why the speech was given
Interpret the information
for your reader!
Avoid topic leads
Include a minimal amount of
background/biographical data
Highlight the speaker's
key points
Avoid quoting if you
can paraphrase
the idea more efficiently
Convey the tone
Include audience
Start with the most
newsworthy information
Use direct quotes that
are clearly attributed
Interpret the information
for your reader!
Research the issue
Gather background info.
- person/people conducting conference
- reason for conference
- highlights of the news
-incl. reponses to questions
- location, if relevant
- reaction from sources with similar/opposing POV
- location and length of meeting
- topics of debate
- important decisions
- quotes from officials, experts, other speakers
- reactions from speakers/spectators/community
- crowd size
- audience atmosphere
- tell readers "what happens next"
Avoid leads that sound like calendar listings

Keep your language simple even w/ complex issues

Focus on one or two key topics
- itemize the remainder w/ bullets
There will be a meeting of the Moorpark
Planning Commission at 2 p.m. Tuesday in City Hall.
Long lines at the ticket counter. Frustrating delays at security checkpoints. Delayed flights. Everyone agrees that Jackson Airport is too small and old-fashioned for today's travelers. On Tuesday, county commissioners will debate what to do about it.
Give readers context:
- check old news stories
- police reports
The Challenge?
Research the issue
Identify the key players
Understand the system

What issues or aspect will be most significant to readers?
Find the names of board members
Find out who is in charge
Check items on the agenda
Interview audience members
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