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Applied Linguistics

No description

Raquel Pires

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics
As linguistics isn't necessary only for mother tongue, Applied Linguistics develops a relevant role in Teaching English to students of Other Language - TESOL, since it has been created initially for this purpose.
Applied linguistics' history
Applied linguistics - AL started in 1940's with the World War II when soldiers needed a faster way of learning the language of the country they would be sent to, then the linguists Lado, Fries and Bloomfield tried to find manners of doing that.
AL has developed many studies in ELT for solving problems such as: how to offer a better way of learning English? How can we evaluate a bilingual school? How can we improve the training of translators and interpreters?
Language is a complex phenomena that involves: words, sounds, gestures, grammar and other aspects to present or communicate ideas, meanings and thoughts. We cannot think that working with language is a simple process. That's why researchers have been looking for a better way of doing that.
Linguistics, the scientific study of language, is one example of working with language. Khansir (2013) says that is crucial for a language teacher knowing about linguistics.
In the beginning, AL was part of the learning/teaching a foreign language process, but nowadays it's present in other fields like: Anthropology, sociology, education, psychology ad many other ones, AL is multidisciplinary. (Soares, 2008)
According Khansir (2013) Applied Linguistics is a form of solving or at least ameliorating real problems involving language.
Van Lier (1997) asserts that AL is responsible for working with language in the real world, not theoretical linguistics. And it will be AL who is gonna advance most in human's kind understanding of language.
This information doesn't reduce Linguistics importance for language learning, but only shows Applied Linguistics dynamics.
In accordance to Burns (2009) Applied Linguistics is a bridge between Linguistics and Language Teaching. Teachers must be reflexive, apply the linguistic theories to solve problems faced by them in classroom.
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