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Learning Analogy

How the right brain functions

Tasha Peete

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Learning Analogy

Just Right for Creative People Big and.... ... small What
are you? Big and.... ... small The Right Brain is to Ideas as Clouds are to Rain. The Right Brain Just Right for Creative People How Clouds form Rain If the circle was spinning counterclockwise, then you
are a left brain user. If the circle was spinning clockwise, you are a right brain user. According to Jensen (2008),
"Right brain learners
more often than not, may
-be more random
-learn best from whole to parts
-prefer whole language reading
-like pictures, graphs, and charts
-would rather see than experience
things first
-want to gather info about
relationships among things
-prefer [out of the blue] learning
-experience more external focus
-want novelty." As you probably already know, I am
right brained. References
Jensen, Eric (2008). Brain-Based
Learning. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corsen
Links to YouTube are embedded.
All of the other images are copyright compliant, as they came from Prezi's symbol and shape applications. So, basically right
brain people generate
bright ideas, and some clouds
generate rain.
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