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First attempt using Prezi - first draft: Centre of the Universe

First attempt to use Prezi - 5 minute demonstration about a local town

Paulette Kupiec

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of First attempt using Prezi - first draft: Centre of the Universe

Let me take you on a journey
In the beginning...
called -
Nearer still...
To the the centre of the universe...
... and nearer ...
confluence -
of two streams
plus - Gata
norse word for Path, boundry or road
a fact.. a town...
a special town...
The universe, a vast expanse of space...
Stars... millions of stars
.. our very own scientist
talked of factual things...
From space... the Earth
To England
... and a place nearer home ...
due to the Roman Settlement
it became in the 1st Century
Built alongside the very prominent
Watling Street - the original A5 - the
Roman Road from London to Holyhead
Any ideas which town,
near home, this is yet?
another clue...
and another fact...
in the year 1414
town known as...
and another fact...
Here's the previous picture
brought up to date
The Crown Inn, Oakengates
The Crown is one of the oldest
public houses in Oakengates
Fact... At the turn of the 20c
Oakengates had the most pubs
of any Shropshire town - 11 in all
The Old Fighting Cocks boasted the
first non-smoking pub in Shropshire in
the 1970s. It has has just been refurbished
Fact... Oakengates was a town in the
midst of the industrial revolution
And really was the
centre of the universe... once...
Now it's just part of
..and a very small part of
the universe
Then, the name changed to
20 minute draft to try out Prezi
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