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Sania Zia

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Olympics

Bergen, Norway Summer Olympics 2020 Sania Zia, Kat Hodges, Kendall Bowen, Nick Zhao dates: June 11-July 2 Olympic Torch Route Map of Venues Map of Routes Why Bergen? Act 3 Act 4 Act 5 Torch Bearers Opening Ceremony Act 1 Opening Ceremony: Video Bergen is the best city to hold the Olympics because it is hospitable and culturally tolerant. The people are friendly and the environment is peaceful and beautiful. Norway has a rich, intriguing history and culture that makes it stand out from other countries. Norwegian Olympian Outfits Olympic Medal Bergen Folk Tales: Vikings: Literature, Authors, Poems: -Camilla Herem
-Eirik Veras Larson
-Crown Prince Haakon After all the darkness,the sun will suddenly rise on the scene with the sun god Sol vanquishing the brutish trolls and scaring the elves away. The Gods (represented by the Norwegian theater company) such as Thor and Odin will battle the enemies of gods and mankind, such as the jotnar and Loki. In the heat of battle, the entire background will be engulfed in flames. After the fire, the background will flood with light and show the reborn stars and cosmos, as well as the Nine-Worlds. After the gods have given light and fire to mankind, humans begin to progress as a species, creating science. Giant beakers and graduated cylinders will have smoke coming out of their tops due to Norweigian professors pouring reactants into them. After the smoke has cleared, balls joints and rods attached to each other will be held above the beakers by strings, symbolizing the creation of chemical molecules,medicine and string theory.The background screen will then show equations of Carl Stomer and WIlhelm Ljunggren concerning number theory and astrophysics. But then a black hole (actually the exit) will sink through the floor, swallowing all the actors props on stage, representing the catastrophic results of the abuse of science. The scene will open with A Doll's House (a play) where children will receive gifts and learn the gift of giving. Next, an actor acting as the famous poet Olav H. Hauge will trek across the changing Norwegian landscape including mountains, lakes, and forest. He will be writing his most intimate thoughts down in his diary as the overhead recites Hauge's famous poem Drops in the East Wind.The final scene will open with the play Dreams of Autumn, which depicts a man having to choose between his ex-wife and parents or his new love.As the indecisive man is torn apart by the choice,a woman with a flaming dress will appear from an opening in the floor symbolizing life, death and renewal.The Girl on fire, Camilla Herem, will then start the Lighting of the Olympic Torch Ceremonies Wooden ships hauled by big burly men dressed in tunics(played by former Norwegian weightlifting champs) will pull the ships into the middle of the stage. Then the Norwegian weightlifting champs will crawl into the ship and start rowing. The ships will move across the stage until reaching a foreign island (mound) and raid it. The Vikings will battle the native men with swords and shields. Actors representing merchants will trade coins and goods such as metal objects and spices among the rest of Europe, symbolizing Viking economy. A short appearance of a master metal worker crafting jewelry will also be included. The floor will be covered by hundreds of mounds that represent fairy hills. Dancers dressed as fairies will burst out,sneak in and out of fake houses. Then there will be actors in the audience who will jump out and float and fly around the arena. While the actors are flying around in the air, dancers will then appear out of the fake mountainous background dressed as elves and trolls. The elves and trolls will run around the stadium creating a ruckus around the mounds where actors will still be emerging from and creating mischief. Herem Larson Haakon Act 1-Gianmarco Norse, Dancer and director

Act 2-Espen Eckbo, actor and comedian

Act 3-Per Arne Rikvold, Materials Scientist

Act 4- Geir Borgan Paulsen, Bodybuilder

Act 5-Dan Teachout, Actor for Drilling Theater Company Act 2 Norse Gods: Science: Cameos
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