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...Damion Dionne,,Alexa Horsley...

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alexa horsley

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of ...Damion Dionne,,Alexa Horsley...

...Damian Dionne,,Alexa Horsley...
RD Ruggles,Evan Harrison 6-c

Why Was Norway Able To Fight Off The Germans???
Mostly by:

how Denmark and Norway are the same and different.
The need for Denmark in world war 2
How are Denmark and Norway the same and different
Denmark and Norway are the same because they were both part of the Kalmar Union between 1397 and 1523.they both have the same time zone.Denmark and Norway were united over 400 years.Denmark and Norway are different because they both speak different languages Denmark:Danish Norway:Norwegian.In Norway you have to pay higher taxes unless you have a baby in the hospital you pay nothing.
They are both part of the Kalmar union between the years 1397 and 1523
They both made dipolmatic relations in the year 1905
The Norwegian Heavy Water Sabotage
One way that Norway was able to fight off the Germans was the Norwegian heavy water sabotage.The purpose for the heavy water sabotage was to prevent the German nuclear weapon project from acquiring heavy water (also known as deuterium oxide.) This could be used to produce nuclear weapons. During WW2 the allies decided to remove the heavy water supply and heavy water plants because,they wanted to to inhibit the Nazi development of nuclear weapons.

The capital of Denmark is
Copenhagen.The capital of
Norway is Oslo.
The mission was mainly to secure the iron ore shipping from Narvik. In order to catch Norway, the germans had to control the airfield outside Aalborg in northern Jutland in Denmark. The decision to occupy it's small northern neighbor was taken to facilitate a planned invasion of the stratgically more important Norway, and as a preaution against the expected British response.
The Nazi flag
Denmark and Norway
Denmark and Norway were ocupied by the Nazis in WW2
Explain two ways that Norway was
able to fight off Germany,
when they were attacking.

Denmark and Norway
star of David
who did what:
Alexa~Why Norway was able to fight off the Germans.
star of david
Damian~ why taking over Denmark was important to the German campaign.
Evan & RD~ compare and contrast Denmark and Norway.
Terrains helped hide Norway. This made it easier to be unseen,safe,and protected. Terrains are coastlines that are deeply indented by fjords

Hilter and his army
Denmark flag
Norway flag
My reasearch and the book are the same by theres nazis in both of them and the nazis hate jews in both of them.
My reasearch and the book are different by the view from the auther also anouthor way there dfferent is the book manily takes place in Denmark and my reasearch takes place all around the wrold.
compare and constrat
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