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Hole in my life By: Jack Gantos

No description

Austin Fulmer

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Hole in my life By: Jack Gantos

Hole in my life
Written By: Jack Gantos

I think that Hole in my life was a good book. May have been a little boring at times when he was in prison and on the boat but an overall good book with meaning.
Man vs Self
I think all through the book he is never really confident in his decisions and his choices. Hes always battling his own opionion over what is more accepted by others. But i think he over comes that after he leaves prison.
Man vs Man
Another person he is always having trouble with is Hamilton, his partner in the journey to New York. From the time Hamilton met Jack he did not like him. But when they get caught I think Hamilton noticed Jack was loyal.
This story takes place in more than one place. In the beginning he is in Florida. Then his family moves to St. Croix Island. Then he moves back to florida to finish shcool and back to St. Croix before he and hamilton set off for New your where they would spend the better part of the story at.
The main character is Jack Gantos, the writer of the book since this is based on his life.
Austin Fulmer
The antagonist might be the police since they catch Jack and Hamilton.

Hamilton would definitely be the supporting character, and also Rick and Jack's Lawyer.
Jack is trying to get his life together and go to a good college for writing. But he dropped out of high school to live with his family in St. Croix and worked as an electrician. But does not like it and moves back to his town and goes back to school only to drop out again and return to St croix.
The Rising Action
After he moves back to St croix and is working with his father agian and the buissness goes belly up. They start making shipping crates and selling them. A man named rick got one made and payed Jack in pot. He asked Jack if he was intrested in sailing a boat to New York, a quote from the book, "All I heard was the number- ten thousand dollars cash." Thats all he heard was that he could have ten grand to haul some weed to New York, not thinking of the consequences.
The climax is definetly when they all get caught. Him and hamilton get chased all through new york. The cops find the huge amount of weed on the boat and Jack and Hamilton face prison time.
Falling Action
The exposition is probably after he is sent to jail. When he is in jail he is reading alot and writing. He also started to work at the medical center there. Talks about how much he hates being there. He had an opportunity to brake out but decided against it and stayed.
Jack Gantos is released from jail ealry for good behavior. He goes back to school and starts righting books. Even rights this one explaining his story. Sadly he did not have any money left from the deal because of his high price lawyer getting him a better sentence.
Man vs Society
There was probably a lot of controversy over this book that Jack faced when he wrote it. Just becuase its about his life and how he got caught with a bunch of weed and wrote a book about how he did that and how he spent some time in jail for it.
One of the themes of this book is that money doesnt mean everything and Jack definetly learned that. A quote "All I heard was the number - ten thousand dollars cash".
I think another theme is to never give up because Jack goes to jail and still does what he wanted to do in life.
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