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The American Dream 1950s vs 2010s

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Natalie Moreno

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The American Dream 1950s vs 2010s

The American Dream 1950s vs 2010s
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Home Life
Cost: $2 million
Location: Hoboken, New Jersey
Home Life
Cost: $24,399
Location: Long Island, New York
In my home there is one TV that stays in the living room.
It has impacted my home and family such as tv programs, commercials, and changing my kids habits. TV programs have influenced my children in bad and good ways. TV commercials have lured my children into wanting things I cannot afford. It has also influenced a change in my kids habits of wanting to watch TV instead of playing outside.
As a mother of 2 and a husband with a good income I didn't need a job, but with too much spare time I felt like i needed to fill it with something productive. I had so much spare time because my kids were in school, and I finished doing my duties at home. So I worked as a bank teller. I didn't need any training, all I had to do was have a high school diploma, know basic math, and have great customer service.
Roles in Society
My teen daughter was "in the family way", and since it wasn't acceptable I sent her with distant family members like everyone else did. My teen son dresses like a typical "cool" kid, wearing blue jeans, ripped sleeves, and leather jacket with his hair long slicked back.
President Truman/Eisenhower is president during this time. Some domestic policies infect are the Cold War that was between Russia and the US, and bomb drills which was caused by the Cold War.
Some foreign policies are the Korean War and the USSR creating the first satellite, named Sputnik.
Luxuaries and Necessities
My house is filled with many luxuries, such as 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 patios, a garage, a dinning, family, lounge, laundry room, and a foyer. In each room I have a TV, and the lounge room was turned into a home movie theater. The necessities I have is a car, phone, and laptop.
Work Life
My husband is a lawyer and works in a local firm for 3 years. I am a midwife and have been working at a local hospital for 2 years. I went to college for 5 years to achieve a masters in midwifery.
Roles in Society
My baby daughter is only 10 months old I have to stay home more than my husband, since my husband has to work long hours.When I have to go to the hospital I call a baby sitter which watches her. My house is too large for me to clean so I hire a cleaning service. I have to make all the plans from making doctors appointments, to being the caretaker for my daughter.
Some domestic policies are ObamaCare which helps is a national health care plan aimed at reforming the American health care system. Hurricane Sandy was also a domestic policies to mostly to the east coast.
Some foreign policies are the North Korea threatening South Korea with chemical warfare, and the war in Iraq and Syria.
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