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Money or Friends?

An introduction to two books about men in the depression era, one a biography of a sports star, the other a novel of two friends surviving poverty.

Marie Ammar

on 25 October 2010

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Transcript of Money or Friends?

Money or friends. What is more important? 10. A-Rod: 27.5 million 9. Dale Earnhardt Jr.: 34 million 8. Valentino Rossi: $35 Million 7. Fernando Alonso: $40 Million #6. Manny Pacquiao (Pac Man):
$40 Million: Filipino Boxer #5 Phil Mickelson: $40 Million 4.LeBron James: $40 Million 3. David Beckham: $42 Million 2. Kobe Bryant: $45 Million 1. Tiger Woods: $110 Million YOU lived in a time
when you couldn't play your sport.... because of the colour of your skin? What if... there were no jobs, and the law prevented you
from playing your sport with others
with different racial backgrounds? What if..... you played anyway? and became the highest paid athlete in the world? And you kept playing until you were 60 years old? Read the true story of who travelled away from family
by train or car for months at a time The highest paid athlete in the world, still had to prove himself game after game. He exercised his power by taking his time. He was so confident that he is known to have... waved all of his team mates off the field while he pitched, because he knew
he would strike the batter out. Satchel Paige What if YOU lived in the same time -
the great depression -
when there were no jobs, and you weren't a superstar athlete? But, you had a friend with you who endured the worst life could offer? You walked hundreds of miles to find work, here. Read the story of Lennie and George in
the novel Of Mice and Men. And read the true story of Satchel Paige
in the new graphic novel. Money or Friends.
What is more important?
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