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Against Same sex marriage

I am against same sex marriage because i believe in marriage bonding a man and a woman together

Darius Byrd

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of Against Same sex marriage

Against Same-Sex Marriage Intro: I am against same-sex marriage because I believe that marriage should be the bonding of a man and a women not the bonding of a man and a man or vice versa. Also religiously, its a sin to be in a gay marriage because gods image was for man and woman to be together. In the bible in Mark 10:6 it says,"But from the beginning of the creation, God 'made them male and female.'' God intended for only man and woman to be married. Intro: This topic is irrelevant to my life because first of all, I'm NOT gay. I was raised in a home where everybody is straight so that's what I seen to be normal and it is normal. Being gay is a tough job though because you hear a lot of garbage from other people ridiculing you.So, why not take the reason easy road and be straight? I don't have a problem at all with gay people, that's them, but I feel being gay is wrong and that's why I'm against gay marriage. Story 1:

A gay male couple in Colorado is affected critically because of the lack of gay marriage. This shows that gay marriage shouldn't be allowed because they can't even get health insurance. You need health insurance or else you will have very expensive mediacal bills. It would be a waste of money if someone ever got sick because the bill would be extremely high and that gay couple would be broke. Also they had to go through a lot of hassle and paper work to get married. This is why I'm against it, not just because all the trouble that comes with it but just because I dont believe in it and because I feel its wrong. http://www.marriagefairness.org/gay_marriage_stories/story.php?id=48 Story 2:
A gay man comes out to his grandson that hes gay and gets a divorce with his wife. He even told the pastor that hes gay and the pastor said be careful who you tell. Being gay could ruin a family because some people may not accept you anymore. In this situation the grandfather got a divorce with his wife because he didn't felt like it would've been right to his wife if he was gay. This man broke his family apart. Some people may not accept you anymore which isn't fair but its the consequences of being gay. http://storycorps.org/?s=anti-gay+marriage&post_type=post Interview:
Question 1: How do you feel on the topic?
Answer: I feel that same-sex marriage is horrible and shouldn't be allowed.
Question 2: Do you think same-sex marriage is wrong?
Answer: Yes because i feel that only man and woman should be allowed to get married.
Question 3: Would you allow your kid to get in a same-sex marriage?
Answer: No because that would be setting my child up to go to hell because same-sex marriage is a sin to my religion. Conclusion: In conclusion, I against being gay marriage. I believe that marriage is the bonding of man and woman. God created a man and a woman so they could unite not so that man and man or vice versa could unite. I believe that being gay is a sin so I choose not to be gay because I don't want to go to hell. Intro: Theres only 5 states in the country where gay
marriage is legal. 47% of the country thinks that gays
and lesbians should not be allowed to marry. These are
just simple facts that show that gay marriage shouldn't be allowed. There are 50 states in the United States and only 5 of them allow it. That's only 0.1% of the states. Also almost half of the country doesn't support gay marriage.
So I'm not the only person that feels like this, other people in the country do to. By: Darius Byrd #10
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