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Mgt 490C

Group 3

Mark Zellner

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Mgt 490C

Aldo Pazzini
J Dye
Christina Negrete
James Nelson
Alex Womeldorph
Mark Zellner 3.1 Customer Engagement
3.2 CustomerVoice
Results Group 3

Dr.Lockwood 3.1 Weakness Results 3.2 Feedback
No Implementation 3.2 Strengths Voice of the Customer 3.2 Strengths 3.1 Weekness 3.2 Weakness 3.2 Results
By Mark Zellner 3.1 Customer Engagement Results Customer Engagement Results
By Aldo Bortoluzzi Customer Engagement Results: Strength Results: Customer Engagement Strength Customer Engagement Results: Weakness Customer Listening
Nine step process

Determination of Customer Satisfaction and Engagement
4s comparisons
NCON uses information from its surveys and listening/learning posts.

Service Beacons confirm current or identify new requirementsduring their review of complaint data.

NCON holds annual on-site and online focus groups with its diversestudent sub segments and stakeholder groups.

The Student Affairs Committee reviews the information on student requirements from these multiple sources and prepares a report on the findings. 3.2 Weakness Solution Refer to information found in step 2 of the SPP such as current market trends.

Consult consumer groups, prospective students, and company role models.

Emphasize key existing customer requirements to shape customer expectations by hosting workshops, speakers, and information sessions.
3.2 Weaknesses By James Nelson Utilizing Customer Feedback
- Imprecise Methods used for gathering feedback
- Lack of depth in explanation

Lack of Innovation
- Information gathered on students
- Round Table Review Process/ LADDIE
3.1 Weakness By Alex Womeldorph 3.1 Customer Engagement Results By Aldo Pazzini Increase minority student performance
and satisfaction
-Student Success Program
-Success Consoler
Results: Customer Engagement – Strength Increase overall satisfaction
with the curriculum and
-Instructional excellence
-Scheduling flexibility
-Accessibility of instructors
-Use of technology
Student satisfaction with the quality of support services
Introduction 3.1 Customer Engagement Strength By J Dye Methods Course evaluations
-Smith-Santini Satisfaction Survey
-Program evaluations,
-Customer complaint data
Student Success Program One-on-one counseling
Career advising
The Customer Focus Category examines an
customer engagement for long-term
marketplace success. The category emphasizes on building
a customer-focused culture and
identifying opportunities for innovation. Overall score of 55% Nightingale
College of Nursing
3.2 Strengths Voice of the Customer By Christina Negrete
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