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plane aerobatics


olivia ma

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of plane aerobatics

By Olivia Ma, Jennie
Zhang and Waleed Plane Aerobatics What is Plane Aerobatics? Plane which execute tricks
Abnormal tricks
Mostly for entertainment, competition or training Equipments Airspeed indicator Magnetic Compass mechanical accelerometers Altimeters Determine the direction of the flight Measure the altitude of the plane Determine the speed of the plane Measure the acceleration speed More... More Equipment G-suit Gloves Headset Goggles Parachute Plane Prices G-suit:
Around 70 $ Used Catabria:
40$ - 50,000$ New Catabria: About 100,000$ Flight Club: 150$/hour Flight Requirements Plane training exercises Go to flight school pass the FAA medical exam Obtain a private pilot license Injuries Plane crashes Death Cause of injuries Pilot himself Engine Wings Plane Collision What attracts people? Feeling of freedom Experience Being engaged into extreme things Character Profile Adolphe Pégoud 1889-1915 Fighter Ace First Loop First Parachute Jump Strong Sensations? Feeling to be in the air? Thank you!! :)
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