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Muncie Central Rain Garden Project

The presentation is Copyrighted by Stormwater Management Department and cannot be used or shared without written permission. Content and images are subject to Copyright as well.

Jason Donati

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Muncie Central Rain Garden Project

Next Phases...
With the success of this project and positive feedback received from students, faculty and parents, our committee is discussing ways we can continue this type of experiential learning at Muncie Central.
Ideas discussed include:
Creating instructional gathering places on grounds and levee
Wellness pathways featuring learning stations
Demonstration food gardens
Muncie Central's Greening the Campus Project
Building Life-Long Community Bridges

Community Partnerships Cultivated
Collaboration with community partners has allowed for experiential learning from outside experts in the fields of environmental education, landscaping and horticulture.
Classroom & Outdoor Education...
Stormwater Educator, Jason Donati, visited Lauren McCabe's senior classroom on three occasions driving a conversation about our present environment, He challenged students to come up with ideas and ways they can help contribute to a healthier community and campus at Muncie Central. Mr. Donati offered resource and information help to seniors creating positive position senior papers.

Mr. Donati also discussed the benefits of a rain garden, and how planting one on campus could help benefit the White River watershed.

Dustin Stillinger, head horticulturist at Minnetrista, provided hands on education about planting native plants and trees to youth throughout the project.
Rain Garden Installation
Projects in Phases...
Rain Garden serving its purpose!
Building Life-Long Community Bridges...
A Green Project Designed to Build a Grassroots Learning Movement

Muncie Community Schools, Muncie Central Highschool, in conjuction with students, families, local organizations, local businesses, teachers, administrators, and volunteers, will network together to produce a project to be completed in stages over time. This green project will adhere to best practices in education, will encourage cross-curricular learning, and will allow teachers opportunities to offer instruction which exceeds current high academic standards. By encouraging creative, original thinking and by moving outside the traditional educational box, student engagement as well as student buy-in will dramatically be increased.

Students planting Native plants and flowers
Digging holes, planting, and watering plants
Spreading mulch and maintaining the rain garden
Work days with students, parents, teachers, recycling club and partners during and after school. Together we planted nearly 1300 native flowers, sedges and two bald cypress trees.
Tree planting in rain garden
Continued maintenance of weeding, watering, mulching will be required to ensure the rain garden continues to work as a stormwater best management practice. The rain garden was specifically installed to capture parking lot runoff, help stormwater absorb quicker preventing flash flooding, and restoring a riparian corridor to the White River with native Indiana plants and flowers.
Inspired by:
Ms. Lauren McCabe, English 12
Mrs. Joyce King, Media Specialist
Mr. Jason Donati, Stormwater Management Department
Mr. Dustin Stillinger, Minnetrista Head Horticulturalist
In conjunction with Muncie Community Schools and the community

Eventually established plants and stronger root systems will grow, helping to absorb stormwater quicker preventing stagnant water and helping to clean pollutants from the parking lot.
Copyright 2013 Stormwater Management
Copyright 2013 Stormwater Management
Copyright 2013 Stormwater Management
Copyright 2013 Stormwater Management
Copyright 2013 Stormwater Management
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