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library orientation

Independently Learn about Pinellas Preparatory Academy.

Lani Moore

on 22 July 2011

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Transcript of library orientation

I.1.3(4)(5).1 Locate the library media center for a purpose & identify library media center personnel
I.1.3(4)(5).2 Recognize how a library is organized & arranged to locate materials
I.1.3(4)(5).3 Demonstrate knowledge of policies & procedures Learn the LIbrary! Bayou Meto Elementary School Objectives (what we will learn) 4
Sections Easy/Everyone Fiction Nonfiction Biography picture books based on imagination, NOT fact, usually a chapter book an account of the events of a person's life FACTS- things that are true RULES Be Safe! Be Kind! Be Responsible! WALK, DON'T RUN REMEMBER TO USE A QUIET VOICE SO THAT YOU DO NOT DISTURB OTHERS IN THE LIBRARY WHEN YOU BROWSE. PUT BOOKS BACK IN THE RIGHT PLACE PLEASE RETURN BOOKS ON TIME Enter the library quietly. Go to your assigned table. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking. Bring only your library book and folder. Take a bathroom break before coming to the library. Check-in Procedures As you enter the library, place book that you wish to check-in on the table wtih the sign "Return Books Here." Check-out Procedures Kindergarten= 1 book
1st & 2nd grade= 2 books
3rd,4th & 5th grade= 3 books

All books are checked out for 2 weeks. Free Flow! Teachers may bring their whole class to the library.

Students in grades 2-5 may come in pairs to check out books, read quietly, exchange books, take AR quizzes and research. AUP: Acceptable Use Policy -Using computers is a privilege that can be taken away

-You may only use computers when a teacher or administrator has given you permission

-You are responsible for what you do on the computer

-You are not allowed to add things to a computer-backgrounds, icons. etc. Book Handling 1) Carefully turn the pages one at a time.

2) If you do tear a page, please bring it back to the library to be fixed.

3)Use a bookmark to mark your place instead of bending down a page corner.

4)Avoid using pencils, crayons, glue or pens anywhere near your book.

5)Please steer clear of food and drinks when you have a book in hand.

6)Have a designated safe place for your library book at home-away from pets and younger siblings. Spine Labels Title Call Number Easy:
E (for Easy & Everyone)
1 letter (the first letter of the Author's last name)

The Giving Tree has the call number

E (for Easy & Everyone)
S (for Silverstein- the Author's last name) Fiction:

F (for Fiction)
the first 3 letters of Author's last name


The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe has the call number

F (for fiction)
Lew (the Author's last name) Non-Fiction:

Number (for what Dewy Decimal number the book falls under)
The first 3 letters of the Author's last name

The Zoo in the Sky has a call number of
523.8 (for science)
Mit (for the Author's last name) AR Labels Pre-Level One 0.1-0.9 Level One 1.0-1.9 Level Two 2.0-2.9 Level Three 3.0-3.9 Level Four & higher 4.0+
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