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BeoWulf; Translated by Burton Raffel

Denielle Cloud Period 1

denielle cloud

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of BeoWulf; Translated by Burton Raffel

Exam thingy Beowulf; Burton Raffel
Denielle Cloud
Period 1 Characters Rising Action Falling Action Resolution Beowulf-Protagonist; hero.
King Hrothgar-King of the Danes
Grendel-Demon monster descended from Cain
terrorizing Herot; antagonist
Grendel's mom- an old hag who remains un named.
Grendels's mother, obviously.
The dragon -powerful serpent,guards a horde of treasure in a hidden mound
Unferth- Warrior in Hrothgar's court; challenges Beowulf
Welthow-Hrothgar's Wife
Higlac-King of the Geat's Beowulf's uncle
Shild- legendary king of the Danes and Great
Grandfather of Hrothgar
Wiglaf-Relative of beowulf; young warrior Exposition of Beowulf The falling action is when Beowulf kills
Grendels Mother; and they don't have to worry anymore. and everything is calmed down and the people of Herot can relax. & Beowulf is offered to the throne as king. He becomes the King of Herot. Near the end; there is a dragon that needs to be
killed and Beowulf goes to kill the dragon and he
goes by himself without his army. Wiglaf a commited
aide to his lord goes with him; beowulf defeats the
dragon, but dies himself because the dragon but his neck and it was too much..Wiglaf takes over. The people of Herot doesnt have to worry anymore, or live in fear. welthow-Hrothgar's wife There was a monster derived from
Cain's(Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy; they were the sons on Adam &Ever) side named Grendel. Grendel
was from Satan; Grendel does not know love; God's powerful love. Grendel will never know that love, he is a descendent of hell. Hrothgar is a man of God. CLIMAX The climax of the story to me was when Beowulf killed Grendel and everyone thought it was over until Grendel's mom showed up and started terrorizing; so Beowulf went to Grendel's mom and had
went there to kill her; I think that was
the biggest of all because it really showed the tension between good and evil. Conflicts/Problems Grendel is terrorizing the people of herot
He's killed many
Unferth doesn't think Beowulf can kill Grendel;
challenges him
Grendel's mother wants vengeance for Grendel
Beowulf is getting old. The rising action in the story is Grendel is terrorizing
the people of Herot because they were loud and were hurting Grendels hearing or head..but he got sick of the being so loud; so Grendel is killing them off, he comes and snatches them during the night. Beowulf
hears of the news and comes to help the people of Herot. He is also challenged by Unferth, he doesnt think Beowulf is as strong as he is. Beowulf offers his army of men, they were good. They had conquered many. & Hrothgar had helped Beowulf's dad, so this is Beowulf paying Hrothgar back; I think another rising action is when Grendel's mother comes and starts killing in mourning of her son. I think the authors purpose
was to entertain us and to kinda teach that good always triumphs evil.It could be informative about the bible back in those days and teaching that good always triumphs evil, always. but I mostly think it was to enterain the people. it made for a good play and too keep attention. Alliteration-repetition of consonant sounds "Struggled seven long nights to survive" page 27 line 250 Similie- " The brilliant light shone, suddenly,
As though burning in that hall, and as bright as Heaven’s
Own candle"
-lines 646-648 page 38 uses the words “like” or “as”
to compare one object or idea with another shows likeness Metaphor-figure of speech in which a term or phrase is used for something to which it is not pplicable "Grendel's fierce mother"
line 615 page 37 Beowulf: Personality: A little Cocky
he's strong, strong willed, Nice, does
anything he can to help and/or show off Physical: Big; Strong; Muscular; Powerful
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