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Informed Predictions


Ann C.

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Informed Predictions

Informed Prediction
5 Years Later

2nd year undergrad business management student at the University of Toronto. Currently working towards receiving my Bachelor’s.

10 Years Later

Very determined to earn this degree.
Enrolled in rigorous International Baccalaureate Program, which prepares students for post-secondary education.
Outsourcing trends for Business & Finance jobs, hence program will be competitive.
Connections with individuals who work at Canada’s major banks, opportunity for internship within the next few years.
Chose business heavy electives for high school and participates in many business related extracurricular activities.
Hopes to earn degree from Rotman, dream school. Potential changes: different dream school or not able to get accepted. Although I must remember to never give up there are many different paths I can take to reach my final destination.
15 Years Later

Using my organizational skills I prepared a very detailed pathway plan. Including all the requirements and responsibilities required for this job thus I will meet all requirements.
Further learning opportunities such as earning a financial planning diploma.
Through advising other customers will develop a better understanding of successful investing options
I have already decided the degrees I want to take. So that after working a few years, I won’t have to go back to school to earn a new degree to meet future requirements.
Potential challenges: Not being able to secure this job. I must stay determined and either look for another bank or find a similar job (i.e. Management Trainee).

20 Years Later
By An Ran (Ann) Chen

Very responsible, takes the initiative to succeed in school and constantly learn new things.
Set personal goal to graduate with a 90%+ average and constantly strives to achieve it.
Participates in Junior Achievement and DECA; business programs and competitions that educate students on entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, etc.
Plans to take business courses in high school such as Economics, Accounting and Finance to ensure entrance into post-secondary business programs.
Current negative economic trends demonstrate need for new innovative entrepreneurs and business people.
Potential change: not being accepted. Must work harder or try studying at a different University. Might be more suitable.
Manager of Personal Banking at RBC. Salary $45,000 to $70,000 a year.
Student at University of Toronto Rotman School of Commerce. Studying to earn Master’s in Business Administration.
Personal Banking Officer at RBC. Salary: $35,000 to $50,000 a year

I demonstrate strong collaboration and leadership skills. These traits will ensure I become a successful manager.
I advised my fellow colleagues, provided constructive criticism and delegated tasks, similar to what a Manager would do. Through this I also learned how to write business letters and proposals.
Technology is quickly integrating with personal banking. I have many advanced computing skills such as editing, programming and graphic design.
I am quick at learning to operate new banking or security technology, which will help me adapt quickly, employers look for this.
Currently really focused on attaining this job. May want to start a family in the future, hence career may be compromised. But our goals and aspirations will change overtime thus we rely on our strengths to help guide us on this journey.
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