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Mallory Thomas

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Lab

Prediction of the lab
Our prediction was that the yeast solution and hydrogen peroxide would release 40Ml of oxygen gas.
(shortened edition)
1. Set up apparatus.
2. mixed yeast with water (45 C).
3. Filled the graduated cylinder and beaker with water.
4. Put the graduated cylinder upside down over the beaker and put the tubing inside the cylinder.
5. Put 5Ml of hydrogen peroxide into the flask.
6. put the yeast solution into the flask, and put the stopper into the flask.
7. swirled the flask until it made bubbles.

Table 1: Volume Data
Water temperature: 19.9 C
Barometric pressure: 763.9mm Hg
initial volume of air: 23mL
Final volume of air after reaction:75mL
Volume of O2 collected: 52mL
Table 2: Reaction Time Data
Reaction Time: 2 min. 15 sec.

1. T= 19.9C + 273= 292.9K
2. P= 763.9 mm Hg * 1atm/760 mm Hg= 1atm
3. V= 52mL * 1L/1000mL= 0.052L
5. 1atm*0.052L/ 0.0821L*atm/mol*K*292.9K=0.00216mol O2
6. volume= 5 mL; Molar mass of H2O2= 34.0 Grams per mol; Reciprocal= 0.075 Moles O2
7. 2.88% H2O2
8. 0.385 mL/sec

Some Lab Equipment used....
Pre-Lab Questions
1. The enzyme Catalase aids in the decomposition of hydrogen preoxide.
2, PV=nRT
P= gas pressure (atm)
V= Volume of gas (Liters)
n= number of moles of gas
T= Temp. (Kelvin)
3. 0.980atm*0.0500L= 0.0821 Latm/molK .298K
0.049= n 24.4658 0.002 mols O2
4. 0.15 moles

1. Yes, The calculated percentage of hydrogen peroxide was close to the same as the percentage on the label.
2. If the amount of catalyst was increased, it might speed up the reaction rate for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.
Much love from the chemisy studs:
Ideal Gas Law Lab!!!
- Finding the percent H2O2 using yeast
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