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GMS-401 Operations Management

No description

John Doe

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of GMS-401 Operations Management

GMS-401 Operations Management
Group Tour Presentation Project

Submitted by:
Clif Suralta 500-520-446 Sect. 021
Sirak Mehari 500-524-681 Sect.011
Tanner Ferreira 500-525-883 Sect. 071
Abdihamid Gureye 500-512-342 Sect. 021
Osama Habib 500-513-582 Sect. 021
Duwayne Rodrigues 500-495-700 Sect. 031

220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1
What is the physical size of the facility?
How is this divided between office/warehouse and sales floor?
8000 sq. ft belongs to office and warehouse space
Tour Guide Presenter
Kellie Campbell
Human Resources Manager
Canadian Tire
Including all floor, it's
56,000 sq. ft
How many employees do they have?
150 employees!!!
Who are their clients/customers?
#2. What product or service does the company provide?
Automotive: powerbox, tires, GPS, wiper blades, etc
Sports & Rec: apparel, equipment for outdoor sports
Tools & Hardware; various tool kits, paint, electrical cords, tool storage and plumbing
Home appliances & cleaning products
Canadian Tire money (loyalty program/service)
Background information of the company
Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a Canadian retail company. Operations include but not limited to
Canadian Tire; the core retail and automotive service operation
Canadian Tire Petroleum
Mark's Work Wearhouse

Virtually everyone is a target audience for Canadian Tire because the organization offers retail goods that are often well desired in our daily lives.

Consumers are not limited to just individual people but include other companies that seek Canadian Tire products.

However, Canadian Tire does not export goods out of Canada

Transaction reports are used to schedule cashiers

Key performance indicators (KPI) are used for receiving function
#4. What types of scheduling techniques Canadian Tire deploy to ensure the timely and profitable delivery of services to their clients?

Traffic counters
Transaction reports
Bench marks
Traffic counters are used to ensure manpower
Scheduling is accurate for sales positions
Unload rate (cubes per hour) is used for scheduling off loader

Scan rate is used for receiver

Benchmarks are used to determine fill rate (Pieces per hour)
Best Practices Benchmarks: Canadian Tire measure performance based on certain benchmarks that have been established as best practice.

In the receiving area, these benchmarks relate to how quickly and efficiently crew members unload, scan and sort product

The following standard rates have been established
UNLOADING RATE = 400 to 500 pieces per hr
SORTING RATE = 100 to 125 per person per hr
TOTE SORTING RATE = 15 totes per person per hr

Overall, the entire process should be completed in sufficient time to allow the replenishment team to complete their put-away operations within 24 hours of receipt of product
What safety measure did Canadian Tire install within their facilities?
Employees take the following courses upon hire and review annually
AIT: Accident Investigation Training
AR2013: 2013 Annual Review
FET: Fire Extinguisher Training
H1-GL: H&S 101 - General Legislation
HLD: H&S Policies Law/Due Diligence
HP&PO: H&S Policies & Procedures Orientation
HR&CT: Hazard Recognition & Control Training
HTS: Hand Tool Safety
IR&OMW: Injury Reporting & Offering Modified Work
L: LockoutTagout Training
MHM: Manual Material Handling
SFCE: Safety First CTC E-Learning
SR: Spill Response
ULS: Using Ladders Safely
WC: WHMIS CTCe-learning
WI: Workplace Inspections

#9. What does Canadian Tire do to make the plant "people friendly"?

Canadian Tire has representatives to greet and welcome customers. In addition a customer service booth is available for the customers convience.
There are four first-aid kits situated in both upper and lower warehouses, paint desk and customer service desk
One eyewash station located in the lower level warehouse and 3
eyewash bottles located in the upper warehouse and paint desk
Ergonomic mats are provided for cashiers and chairs for office personnel
Safety knives are provided to employees
#8. Does Canadian Tire have a proactive maintenance policy of periodic checking or an alternative method?

Preventative maintenance checklist are completed monthly of all equipment and supplies, elevators, escalators and gate checks are completed daily
Upper level & Lower Level
Sample of directory

Lower level - Eaton Centre Entrance
Automotive Aisle#
Auto body repair...58
Automotive GPS...60
Automotive Paint...60
Battery Misc...60
Car & Truck styling...58

Airbeds & pumps...48

Where are these goods from various departments packed, stored or handled from?
Storage room
How did Canadian Tire surprise us?
Canadian Tire traffic counters records over 10,000 visitors in and out of both entrances daily. Management analyzes this raw data and converts it into tangible information such as the amount of prospective customers.

The downtown location actually affects the range of products available at this specific store. For instance, Canadian Tire tries to limit options on gardening, snow blowers, etc because such activity is often obsolete downtown. However, other branches do provide those options.

Relative to other stores in the Eaton Centre, Canadian Tire does have large capacity to display its products. Though it actually share its warehouse space with another subsidiary store, Mark's. Therefore, a very efficient or a lean production is emphasized here
#1. Company Name & Location
Canadian Tire is a retailer NOT a manufacturer
#6. Canadian Tire's inventory control system
Canadian tire uses AS400 inventory control system created by IBM.
AS400 is one most reliable software available to manage inventory control.

It can also easily integrate with other computers on a multi-platform network .

The software incorporates the universal product code of each product into the system to easily track.

By scanning the UPC or typing it in the systems, the number of items in stock, location, and necessary number to replenish the shelf is accurately presented.

The system detailed inventory search can easily provide information and images for undecided customer to find the product suitable to their needs.

Canadian Tire is very pleased with the performance of the system and has no plans of changing to a new one in the near future
#7. Quality Control
Canadian Tire does not use statistical process control nor is it ISO 9000 certified.

Canadian Tire actively works with supplier’s quality control to insure better quality products on their shelves.

Before Canadian Tire orders merchandise an initial sample of the merchandise is required.

Employees are thoroughly trained and take mandatory classes annually on quality and safety.
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