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No description

nahye kim

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Tornado

What is a Tornado?
How does a Tornado form?
When does a Tornado Occur?
Tornadoes can occur almost anytime but it occurs in April, May and June more often. Basically, tornadoes occur in spring and summer
Where does it Occur
the area where the tornadoes mostly form is in the central USA. The area is called Tornado Alley.
Tornado Pictures
Fujita Scale

Other Types of Tornadoes and the way they look like
Tornado forming
Thanks For watching!
a tornado is a rotating column of air that comes down from the thunderstorm to the ground
Moderate damage
Devastating damage
severe damage
considerable damage
incredible damage
Light Damage
What to do in a Tornado
Fire whirl
Dust devil
A water spout is a vortex of wind that occurs over bodies of water connected to a cumulus cloud
a dust devil is a strong and well formed whirlwind under sunny conditions during fair weather.
A fire whirl is a whirlwind that forms due to intense heat and when turbulent wind conditions come together. (fire whirls only form when there is already fire present)
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