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The Fun They Had Prezi

No description

Howard Yin

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of The Fun They Had Prezi

Leann Yoo, Kathy Chang, Howard Yin The Fun They Had: Plot Elements Summary Setting Mood The Fun They had is a short story about two children in the future which, one of them,Tommy, finds an old diary about the past from an attic about school in the past. Tommy, after reading, explains to his friend Margie, that schools in the past were very different from their "present". Schools that time had teachers who would teach in groups. This diary makes them both, especially Margie, think and ponder about their current schools. Conflict The main character, Margie instead of Tommy, isn't really faced with a problem. Instead, the story talks about her "rethinking" about her current form of school. Margie ponders about what differences her school and Tommy's past relatives schools were. After reading about the fun and interaction they had with other students and classmates, Margie thinks about what that would be like if it were in their current situation. Point of View The point of view of the story is third person limited, as the author does not use any "I, me", showing that it isn't first person, "you" that it isn't second-person, and that it isn't third person omniscient since you only know the thoughts and ideas of Margie, and only Margie, since there is no mention of Tommy's thoughts, only actions. Characters Margie she is 11 years old and she is a student. She is fed up with studying. She want to study just like Tommy they don’t want to be taught by robots they want to go to school and have a real physical book to learn. Tommy he is 13 years old and he is a student too. He is curious because he is interested in old books. He is always looking for things and reading. They both are tired of robots, and they want to go to school and study The story takes place in the future, where students are home schooled by robots who teach them independently about all subjects in the students' homes. The setting affects the characters because of their current time period, the future in our eyes. The setting can be seen as a "conflict". Because of their time period, Margie is somewhat depressed about her plight. The setting influences the story because the conflict in the story is man vs. society. In a way, Margie is against society because she does not like her current reformed educational system in the future. In the story, the Fun They Had, the mood changes slightly through the story. In the beginning, the mood is somewhat exciting since Margie and Tommy find a book about the past, which draws in the reader a little. However, near the end, when Margie continues her repetitive routine of school, it makes the reader feel a little sympathetic and pitiful towards the main character and then, the mood seems a little sad.
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