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Product Lifecycle

PLTW IED Activity 4.1.1 - Product Lifecycle

Joe F

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Product: Nail Obtaining Iron Ore By Joe Falldin Iron Ore Taconite Pellets Iron to be used in steel production Manufacturing of Steel
-Adding carbon The is cooled into the form of metal wire The metal wire is then fed into a nail making machine Final Product Final Resting Place Sources:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nail_(fastener) Conclusion
1. What is meant by product lifecycle?
The different steps a product takes between design and its final resting place.

2. Why is it important for companies who make products to research and determine a product’s potential lifecycle?
To make sure they’re giving the customer the longest lasting product possible.

3. What would you change about your product? Why?
Make is stronger, less likely to bend. This would make it easier to hammer.

4. Do you think your product will evolve or become obsolete over time? Why?
No, everyone needs a place to live and woodwork is a popular hobby. 5. What is a trade-off?
The balance between two features that can be individually obtained, but not together.

6. Do you think that trade-offs were made during the design phase of your product?
Yes, cost for tensile strength.

7. Why is it important to recycle?
So we can re-use resources already harvested from the earth. This reduces pollution.

8. How do product designers play a role in recycling?
They make sure their products follow certain standards. They place the recycle symbol and they choose which material it’s created out of.

9. What role does society play in the recycling effort?
They are the ones that choose to place an item in the recycling bin instead of the garbage.

10. What can you do to help?
Make sure I recycle all recyclables, compost and donate to green organizations.
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