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Caitlin's Prezi

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crystal walton-wyche

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Caitlin's Prezi

Caitlin's Prezi
kwakiutl homes
The Kwakiutl tribe lived in plank lodges
Kwakiutl resources
One of the kwakiutl's resources was cedar bark. They used cedar bark to make their homes.
Kwakiutl food
The kwakiutl ate fish,roots, and berries
Kwakiutl Region
The Kwakiutl tribe lived in the northwest region.
Kwakiutl Climate
The Kwakiutl Tribe lived in a very mild and rainy climate.
Nez Perce Homes
The Nez Perce tribe lived in earth lodges.
Nez Perce Resources
One of the Nez Perce's resources was soil. They used soil for many things.
Nez Perce Food
The Nez Perce tribe ate grapes,elderberry,raspberries,pemmican,camas roots,and bison.
Nez Perce Region
The Nez Perce lived in the Great Basin Region.
Nez Perce Climate
Their climate was the four seasons.
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