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Senior Project: Photogrpahy

No description

Landon Smith

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project: Photogrpahy

Photography Landon Smith Inspiration The first photographs I ever took Community Mentor Phone: (225) 772-4051 Email: Aaronhogan@eyewanderphoto.com Aaron Hogan Research Paper Topic Visual Sociology: How Photographs Reshape Society What exactly is
Visual Sociology? Sociology: the study of the origin, development, and functioning of human society But where does the picture come into play? Importance of Pictures Visual Evidence Interpretation Surface Particulars What is seen when viewing a photo Analysis What can be inferred from what is given in the photograph "Photography is a major force in explaining man
to man."

~Edward Steichan Obstacles faced when interpreting Partial truth not 100% fact
Difference of opinions or beliefs
Controversy leading to infamy Technological Advances in Visual Sociology The Media A rise in the value of images Photo Falsification -the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception Technical "Editing" Creative "An Art" For Example Positives Movies
Artistry Negatives Is it real?
Distorting the truth Trends "Society's representation of beauty creates expectations of beauty" Manipulation of Beauty The idea of beauty Governmental Action Celebrity Involvement So how does this affect Visual Sociology? Useful Resources Describing Social Phenomena It's not just about the Image! My Product landonscottphotography.zenfolio.com Stretch Prezi
Time Management
Interpersonal Skills
Organization Thank you for your time! Remember, image is important, but it isn't everything. Questions?
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