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Books Versus Brains

Librarian versus Tteacher

Sarah Ressler

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Books Versus Brains

Library Media Specialist Schooling: Masters' in Library Science Schooling: First High School-take lots of English classes then get a bachelor's -probably at Ohio State or Ohio Wesleyan then later get a master's and then can go further. Salary: $30-70,000 Salary: $30-70,000 Main tasks
order new texts
teach research skills
develop procedures
research websites
help others research
assist with technology
keep up with new books Main tasks:
I would plan lessons for lots of people all the time
I would have to connect with standards all the time
Assessing students would be really difficult to do
manage grades all the time with everyone
guide students with issues all the time during lunch
keep up with research about books, teaching practices, standards, ideas, etc. Benefits:
work with books daily
assist large numbers of people
day structure varies often
technology play

First working with kids is great then
getting to read books then getting to
teach kids to write better is really helpful.
plus really developing relationships with students is fantastic Challenges:
Many demands-time juggling
Dealing with many various needs
Helping students stay focused in LMC
Ordering texts-how to make decisions
Keeping up with all aspects Challenges:
Not enough time Secondary Media Specialist
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