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Copy of Pathways Interview Skills Workshop


hytham Aziz

on 25 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Pathways Interview Skills Workshop

Interview Skills Workshop Pre-interview: the preparation
Greeting: critical first contact
Exchange of Information: questions and answer period
Parting: the exit
Post Interview: the follow-up The 5 Stages of an Interview Things to Remember
arrive 15 minutes early
bring 3 copies of your resume and references
firm handshake (beginning/end of interview)
maintain good eye contact/smile
stop, think, and answer
ask for clarification if you do not understand a question Interview Do's and Don'ts Dressing for Success this type of interview examines the applicant's past behavior in order to predict future performance

requires specific past examples
briefly and specifically describe the situation
what ACTION did you take?
positive end result
mention negative feedback. Behavioral (competency) Based Interviewing DO NOT LIE.
Avoid looking BORED (don't go).
Avoid one or two word answers. Things to Avoid what are your career goals? why should i hire you? what expectations do you have for this position?
does your company offer any training or professional development?
what is your interview process? what are the next stages? when will you make your decision? Do you have any questions for me? Women Thank You Letter COMMON INTERVIEW QUESTIONS REFERENCES Have at least three references.
employers, past or present
professors or teachers
professional friends or co-workers
community leaders The references list should include:

The person's name, job title
Company name
The address
Phone number Pre-interview: the preparation greeting: critical first contact exchange of information: questions and answer period Parting: The exit post interview: the follow-up TIPS
Don't forget that this letter should go out the same day or next business day.
You may send it by fax, drop it off in person, or e-mail it to the interviewer.
Multiple Interviews. Full course Plan is:

1-Interviewing skills overview (Today)
2-The Interview path Advanced ( Cover letter writing, Letter of intent, interviewing for academic purposes).
3-The C.V writing course ( Academic C.V's (Admission-oriented), NGO and organizations-oriented C.V's, Volunteer C.V. writing).
4-The job hunting and searching (National and International) If you can’t communicate, it doesn’t really matter what you can do. (Chris gardner)
Types Of Job seeking Interviews: USC Career Center 3601 Trousdale Parkway, Student Union 110, Los Angeles, USA.
University Community Centre, The University of Western Ontario, Ontario, CANADA. http://careers.usc.edu/docs/handouts/Interview_Different_Types.pdf Screening
Video Conference
Phone Interview
Group Interview
Panel Interview
Informational Interview
Sequential/ Serial Interview. Highlight your Qualifications.
Don't add much information.
Expect a Salary ( do your homework). Dress and prepare exactly as for a regular interview.
Make Eye contact with the Camera.
Make sure you have a neat environment ( Background, and Noise)
Stress management and smiling are essential.
Have blank papers by your side and Copy your resume.
Ask for rephrasing if you didn't comprehend. Extreme Alertness is essential.
Devote some mental space getting to know the other interviewees.
Address everyone with respect ( Never mock). Stand out by knowing as much as possible and asking honest questions. (Quiet Advanced methodology)
Avoid any form of beautifying the Truth. (follow up). Formats of Interview, Behavioral.
Case based.
Testing/ Assessment. Don't go to the Interview.
Don't have excuses
Don't Have a bad mood. http://blog.timesjobs.com/2009/05/dressing-for-an-interview/ According to the CNN article by (Balderama, 2010), interviewers are classified to: Best Friend Joker

Rule follower Blank Mafia Interrogator Do's and Don't for Body language.
http://edition.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/worklife/02/17/cb.types.of.interviews/index.html Do's:
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