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3 Ways to Use the Web for Good

or, How to be a Social Media Super Hero. 1) Know that privacy doesn't exist online. 2) Stand up to cyberbullies (and don't be one). 3) Log off (real life is written in more than 140 characters).

Leslie Bass

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of 3 Ways to Use the Web for Good

Hi! My name is Leslie Bass.
Web Associate for the URJ Camp & Israel Programs and NFTY
Graduated with a B.A. in Digital Media Studies and Journalism
I'm a geek who thinks the web is pretty cool.
3 Ways to Use
the Web for Good

or, How to be a Social Media Super Hero
Know That Privacy
Doesn't Exist Online.
Jewish law empowers one to demand that a neighbor erect a barrier ( a privacy fence) so that the neighbor cannot peer into one’s house or courtyard; “the damage inflicted by ‘prying eyes’ (hezek r’iyah) is a cause for legal action.”
Don't overshare (info, statuses, comments, etc.)
Be as general as possible and avoid specifics
Use your privacy settings and set up a limited profile, but don't be totally dependent on them
Be aware that anything you can post can be retrieved
Be wary of FourSquare and "checking in"
Keep it clean for family, teachers, colleges and employers
Enable secure browsing (https)
Restrict your connection settings
Don't allow instant personalization on third party sites
Remember that you can create custom "friend lists"
Be mindful of what apps you allow, and clean them out!
Know what info about you is accessible through your friends
How To Use This Super Power
A leading medieval rabbi enacted a rule forbidding a person from reading a letter sent to another without the other's consent.
Don't forget about zniyut, the concept of personal modest and restraint!
Know Your Settings
What's So Jewish About Privacy?
Know before whom you stand
Stand up to cyberbullies.
(And don't be one!)
How To Use This Super Power
Own up! When possible, avoid commenting anonymously
Don't share your password
Avoid and report any online community or group that was created to hurt or demean someone else
Use "report abuse" buttons whenever needed
Tag people appropriately
Don't post, text or send anyone a message online or via cell that you would be uncomfortable with other people seeing
Actually, Julian, Facebook Rocks.
EQUALITY. Be seen and heard on a platform that puts everyone on the same page, from @charliesheen to Barack Obama to you.
UNITY. Come together. Share your ideas. Build off other people's.
INFORMATION. Little censorship, news straight from the source and a lack of bias have changed the news landscape forever.
CONNECTION. Communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
FREEDOM. Ability to work remotely, no matter where you are.
Log Off. (Real life is written
in more than 140 characters.)
Cool Tools!
PREZI. This interactive slideshow was created using www.prezi.com. (Definitely cooler than PowerPoint, right?!)
POLL EVERYWHERE. Live online polling with real time results at www.polleverywhere.com.
Cool Sites!
A THIN LINE. MTV created this campaign to empower you to identify, respond to, and stop the spread of digital abuse in your life and amongst your peers. They're live at www.athinline.org.
THAT'S NOT COOL. This site, www.thatsnotcool.com, provides tools to help you draw your digital line about what is, or is not, okay in your relationships.
SABBATH MANIFESTO. Join the movement to unplug on Shabbat at www.sabbathmanifesto.org.
STOP CYBERBULLYING. Learn more about how to be a part of the solution at www.stopcyberbullying.org.
NFTY. NFTY has taken a stand for ethcis in online spaces. Read the recommendation regarding maintaining NFTY’s sanctity in online space at www.nfty.org/ourspace, and check out resources on bullying at www.nfty.org/bullying.
What's So Jewish About Not Bullying?
Lashon hara, or "evil tongue," is discouraged in Judaism. This kind of speech, whether written, spoken or typed, has been compared to an arrow: once the words are released, they cannot be recalled, the harm they do cannot be stopped, and the harm they do cannot always be predicted.
Lo Levayesh encourages us to not embarrass others.
Ever sung along to Dan Nichols' song "Kehilah Kedoshah"? To create a holy community online, we have to treat others with respect and discourage any behavior within the community that goes against that aim.
We were all created b'tzelem elohim, in G-d's image.
How To Use This Super Power
Balance your time online and off
Be aware of how often you are posting
Call a "texting time-out" and set aside time to disconnect
Close out of Facebook chat and other social networks whenever you are doing school work
Social media is distracting; turn off any unnecessary notifications and work on focusing your attention
Live your life!
What's So Jewish About Logging Off?
We should remember to focus on tikkun middot, or "repairing the self" (this is one of NFTY's principles!), by making time for own needs.
There's this little thing in Judaism called Shabbat, our weekly day of rest. This day allows us to connect with loved ones, nurture our health, spend time outdoors, contemplate our spirituality and enjoy wine and challah.
What Would You Do?
Know that forwarding someone else's texts, messaging someone repeatedly and hacking into someone else's account are all forms of cyberbullying.
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