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Faizah and Aiesha :D

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Italy

" You may have the universe if I may have Italy"
- Giuseppe Verdi What is Italy best known for? Italy's rich cultural heritage. The country's natural beauty. Sicily and Sardinia - the two large islands of Italy Colosseum Italy; a land of flavours! The Food Italy has always been a synonym for 'good food', offering an unmistakable explosion of flavours, scents and aromas. Aside from having one of the most famous cuisines, it also proposes an immense variety of different regional dishes and recipes. " We live in an age where pizza gets to your home before the police; thank the Italians and their good food! " A home to the world's most beautiful cities. Italy has many beautiful and historic cities known for their breath-taking scenes and rich history. Rome- is the capital city of Italy and is the most populous. it has many ancient monuments, museums, beautiful fountains and is a bustling and lively city that has some excellent restaurants and nightlife. "Rome is the dagger in the heart of Italy" Venice- A city world famous for its canals and for its palaces built on water. Venice is one of Italy's most beautiful and romantic cities as well as one of the most popular for visitors. Florence- one of Europe's richest cities, is known for stylish shops, galleries, and restaurants and has a faster pace of life than most Italian cities. It also has a rich artistic and cultural heritage. FUN FACTS OF ITALY > it has a population of 61 million people. > the average Italian family has 1.27 children. > the thermometer, ice-cream cone and typewriter are Italian inventions. > Pinocchio was written by an Italian. > the average Italian consumes half a pound of bread a day! > it has 3 active volcanoes > around 20% of the population are over 65 years. There is no reason not to fly out to ITALY! Tower of Pisa Piazzetta of Capri Sicily Sardinia > More than 98% of the population can read and write. > they have a festival, 'Battle of the Oranges', which includes the throwing of oranges between groups. There is no place quite like Italia!
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