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No description

Tina McInnis

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of SQ3R

Step 4: Recite
Quiz yourself by asking about what you have read
Recall story events and main ideas
Summarize story or each section
Combine what you know with the new information
Step 5: Review
Review the purpose for reading
Create and study vocabulary cards
Review story elements, key concepts of reading skills or strategies
Use graphic organizers
What is SQ3R?
Before You Read!
Step 1: Survey
Read the titles, headings, subheadings
Study the captions under pictures, charts, or maps
Read summaries
Read new vocabulary words or glossaries
Step 2: Question
Read to answer your questions
Look for main ideas and supporting details
Pay attention to bold, italicized, underlined words!
Re-read confusing parts
Use sticky notes for new words, retelling key ideas or story details
Step 3: Read
Set a purpose for reading
Formulate questions about titles, headings, pictures, and charts that will guide your reading
Turn the headings into questions
If a heading says:

"Parts of the Flower," you can make a question like:

"What are the parts of the flower?"
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