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MKT 305 Presentation

No description

Abdulla Rashdan

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of MKT 305 Presentation

Market needs Shortage of stores that offers entertainment services
that specializes in PS3 gaming consoles. Cheap quality and bad services provided by other
PC gaming network shops. Lack of launching center in the UAE for PS3 games. Store Concept A multicolored environment designed with posters
and live action figures of recognizable videogame characters. Combine an entertainment facility and
convenient environment. A large collection of PS3 games . Cubic rooms with a PS3 inside and a Full definition
(1080p) LCD TV. Exclusive Services Orientation and customer service availability. Members will have a magnetic card that
provides benefits such as: VIP Entrance Discounts Points Payment Personal Information ( Data Warehouse) Different card levels Competitive Positioning Target Market Rapid economic changes in UAE Shifting Demographic patterns - Men to Women ratio is 3:1
Multi-cultural society
- Unique customer preferences
Materialism is widely found
- Highest spending in the Middle East Types of Gamers:
Power gamers: majority of the sales of the market yet. Social gamers: play games to socially interact with friends. Leisure gamers: spend around 60 hours a month gaming. Dormant gamers: young customers who love gaming but cannot play as much because of parents, schooling, and friends. Incidental gamers: play e-games due to lack of motivation. We target:
- Power gamers, Social gamers, Leisure gamers, Dormant gamers Other Factors:
- Age of 12-25
- Majority of Males (Because trends in UAE encourage male gaming)
- Female customers are Welcome !!

- All races and nationailities

Opportunities Low level of service provided by competitors.
Development of New Malls locally and internationally
Connections with better suppliers, which can reduce costs.
Innovative idea of event- other gaming console
companies do not offer.
Threats Competitors provide cheaper prices due to low services provided.

Other Games consoles provide more games than PS 3

High employee turnover

New Entrants. Ideal Location Trade Area: Primary: Dubai City Secondary: Jabal Ali and Sharjah Tertiary: People who come often from
Ajman, AD, and the other cities. Feasible Location Trade Area: Primary: Al Mimzar, Jumariah, Deira, Al Garhood, Downtown Dubai, Al Khan. Secondary: Mirddif, Um Sqaim, Al Barsha, Al Buhaira Tertiary: Ajman Adjacent retailers:
KidZania Reel Cinema Sega Republic Sattelite image Location: Dubai Mall Thank You for listening........... Any Questions????????????? Expert Intermediate Beginner Welcome Group Members: Abdulla Rashdan Ahmed Al Noman Mohammed Al Farsi Humaid Al Mualla Yousuf Shehzada
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