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Michael Jordan

No description

mykeil brock

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Michael Jordan

he retired hid basketball carrier at age 34 he started to play basketball cause his dad wanted to when Michael Jordan hit his head on the back board michael jordans pro years michael jordan was named most valuable player in the preseason and the regular season MVP's most valuable player his championships When he retired he tried to get a job as a sportsman so he can talk about what is going on in a game. After he retired he stared in a looney toon show and showed called space jams. When he retired he started to gamble and lost $1.25 million and for golf and his debt 300,000 and personally checks $108,000 and when he retired in 2006 he invested$15 million for the bobcats. This is his money he invested. Michael Jordan after pro season After playing for the bulls for 34 years he retired he got married and he had children son and daughter Jasmine and Marcus Jordan he retired for his kids. He made his own bissness called Michael Jordan. They say Michael Jordan will come out of retirement to play for the bulls once more. When Michael Jordan retires he thought he could do any thing so he gambled MICHAEL JORDAN BY: Brady Abbott, Alexis Arnett, Micheal wanted to be tall his mom told him to put salt in his shoes and some kind of spray. Michael Jordans team Michael jordans team was
the bulls he has
been with the chicago bulls
scene he was
drafted ino the NBA Michael Jordan was born on feb. 17 of 1963 when Michael was five he decided to start playing basket-ball. michael jordan has 6
championships in his basketball carrier Michael Jordan was short in high school he was five-foot-11 In high school he was too short to play on The best two people who where on the team the basket-ball for high school .But when he grew 4inches taller they let him play jr. b-ball. Michael Jordan
Dennis Rodman
Scottie Pippen Basketball wasn't the only sport Micheal played he also played baseball but he hit a couple no hitters. Michael Jordans best year in basketball Jordan stopped playing baseball in the year 1995. Michael jordans best year in basketball. Marcus Jordan Juanita Jordan Michaels Jordans
best year in
basketball is when
he had two MVP's
in the preseason
and the regular
season Michael also did sports to get with some girls. When Jordan was in high school he got these same jerseys After he was done with basketball he take up golf, and baseball. He rewrote the rules, and founded a boys and girls club. how long he played basketball he started to play
in 1986 and ended
in 2002 Micheal's first slam
dunk in the NBA
was in the year 1984. first when he seen
people playing it his dad
encouraged him to play a.a a.a a.a a.a a.a Micheal Jordan was 34 w hen retired from playing When he retired his team was looking for a new player for stardom but nobody can be better or as great as Michael Jordan. he now has three kids and a wife to take care of. a.a He retired because he was missing time with his family. When he retired he started to tell the other players how to play the game the right way Michael Jordan was a great basketball player he was the best so they wanted everybody to know. MB MB MB MB MB when he made his first
pare of shoes he became
most famous for
Air Jordan MB MB MB Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott MB Brady.M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady.M Abbott Brady.M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady.M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott Brady .M Abbott this is one of the farthest dunks that Michael ever done when Michael Jordan
hit his head he got a
cucoshion MB MB his last game he put up 25
points 6 assists 5 rebounds
1 block Michael Jordan broke
his ankle one of michaels
jordans best
buzzer beaters Micheal dose not only have 1 award he has many more
he had a very busy life. Micheal and his brother played a game together one day. Micheal's best friend was taller than him he was 6 foot 4. micheal was suspended from school when he was 12
when micheal was suspended he still did work. even when Micheal was little he talked about basket ball Micheal always wanted to be tall he always told his mom and dad that. MB MB MB MB MB aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa when really didn't get to watch tv that much he was always doing somthing, they kept him busy. aa aa MB AA he had 4 MVP awards
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