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The Girl in the Green Sweater

No description

Angelica Cerna

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of The Girl in the Green Sweater

Krystyna Chiger= Main character within book (also the author)
Pawel Chiger= Krystyna's younger brother
Melek:Her and Pawel's imaginary friend that helped keep them sane while they were in the sewer
Igner Chiger= Krystyna's father
Pepa Chiger= Krystyna's mother
Leopold Socha= Main sewer worker that helps the Chiger family
Magdalena Socha= Leopold's wife that helped wash the clothes of the survivors.
Kowalow & Wroblewski= Sewer workers that work along side Socha they also help the Chiger family
Jacob Berestycki, Klara Keler, Kosarz the Pirate, Mundek Marguilies, Chaskiel Orenbach, Genia Weinberg, Halina Wind , Tola
It takes place during the Holocaust
The family was with others seeking refugee lived down in the sewer's of Lvov, Poland
It's a hard time to live there if you were a Jew your chances of surviving were low
About 1940
Colombus came here clearing out any other people
When the Native American's where also getting kicked out of the America's (Manifest Destiny)
When the Spaniards conquered multiple territories down in Mexico
Just about ANY book store
Just about ANY library (you may have to order it but you know)
Just about ANY electronic reader device
You may also be able to order it online

Written By:
Krystyna Chiger & Daniel Paisner

The Girl in the
Green Sweater

Presentation by:
Angelica Cerna
Period: Blue 05
A life in Holocaust's Shadow
During the time of the holocaust Ignancy
Chiger was desperate to keep his family and
himself safe, so he takes desperate measures
and refuges his family within the Sewer's of
Lvov, Poland alongside others seeking refugee.
He manages to keep them safe with the help
of some sewer workers. The sewer workers,
Socha, Kowalow, and Wroblewski helped bring
them their neccesities and helped them hide in exchange for money. At the end there were 10 survivors.
Like Krystyna I have also gone through emotional situations due to deaths especially deaths of those who I care a lot about (Krystyna w/ Socha) (Me w/ Family)
There is something that will always be cherished/ adored (Krystyna w/ Green Sweater) (Me w/ My little Angel)
Family always wanting to be together
Having an imaginary friend to count on at hard times
Having your one "guardian angel"
Any Questions?
Thank you!
BTW: This is a picture of the actual green sweater. It is now in a museum as an important display.
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