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Puppies facts

They are cute

l l

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Puppies facts

They are cute!!! Puppies Be cool Be nice to puppies and don't forget to feed them or they will be pointing at you. Puppies can be staring at you when you are asleep and they can be pointing at you for being the best owner ever. Puppies like to chew on bone. If you throw a bone to a puppy they will be happy and they will start to give the bone back to you. Puppies can be cute by giving you the puppy face. Puppies can give you the puppy face if they do they want something . Puppies can show there tummy's when they want someone to rub they tummy. when the puppies show they tummy's they want someone to rub they tummy's. when you do that they will love it. Puppies can be funny sometime but if they don't that means you have to be careful. Running can be fun and it can be fresh air for you. When the puppies run that's why can have fun and get some air. Puppies love to run and get air. be careful the mother dog well bite you, if you touching her puppies. You have to be careful when a dog have puppies because the mom dog doesn't want you toughing the puppies. The mom dog well bite you Puppies can be funny and have so much fun with you. The puppies is jumping to get the ball. This puppy is jumping for the ball. that the owner throw to him. The puppy like to go get the ball. Here is a picture of a dog that is riding a skateboard. Dog can do trick by jumping, rolling and siting and more. here is a picture of a dog doing a tricks he looks happy. This dog is in a cage and its hurry. This dog is in a cage with no food or water and the owner life the puppies. Here is a video of puppies. This video is funny and very cute so now puppies are my very best animal in the world. i think puppies are cute and funny yes i like puppies no i think puppies are not a cute.
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