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Analogy Charting

No description

Beth Kwiatkowski

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Analogy Charting

Beth Kwiatkowski
Brittany Walder Analogy Charting What is it? Used when introducing a new concept
Chart connects new information to familiar information/experiences
Text to Self, Text to Text, and Text to World
Analogy Charting focuses on Text to Self
Creates a visual outline for students Using the Strategy
Step 1 Be familiar with what your students already know
Pick a new concept that will be relatable
Colony=new concept
Child in family=familiar concept Using the Strategy
Step 2 Provide each student with a copy and large projected on for modeling
Brainstorm common properties of the new concept and the familiar concept
Record these in the Similarities column Using the Strategy
Step 3 Using the Strategy
Step 4 Review similarities and differences
Discuss different categories that apply to these concepts
Example: both rely on parent for protection and basic needs and both represent an early stage of development
This category could be called Dependence on Others Brainstorm how new concept and familiar concept are different
Record ideas in Difference column
Important step-emphasize the differences so students know the concepts are not identical Using the Strategy
Step 5 Students use their chart to write a summary statement about the new concept
Chart provides a great outline for students and will be a useful resource for writing their statement Who do we use this strategy with? Could be used in a regular education classroom or special education classroom
Allows students to organize connections to new material to better understand
Students who need to organize thoughts before writing would benefit from this chart
Provides an organized system for writing summaries Who do we use this strategy with? Students who may get frustrated easily would benefit from the real life connections and experiences
Visual learners will benefit from separating similarities and differences in a chart form Modifications Fill in the blank skeleton notes
Make chart as specific or general as needed
Can be used multiple ways: whole class discussion or done independently after modeling
Laminate a copy
Can add pictures Suggestions for Strategy Teacher needs to use this strategy with modifications depending on the students
Could be boring, busy work Let's try it!
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