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Symbolism in 1984

No description

alizeh khalifa

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Symbolism in 1984

Symbolism in

The End
There are several symbols in the novel, but in my opinion these three truly get Orwell's main point across.
Winston's Diary
Winston's diary is a book he stumbled upon where he now writes down all his thoughts.

Yet, it symbolizes something much bigger. By writing his thoughts in this book Winston is committing one of the greatest crimes. He is showing his individuality which is a big form of rebellion against the Party, since they stray from individualism and try to keep everything controlled within certain limits.
Big Brother
In the story, Big Brother is the supposed leader of Oceania, although no one has ever physically seen him.

He represents the total control by propaganda that the Party has. No one has seen Big Brother, but the posters plastered with his face have a huge influence on the people.
In the novel, telescreens are TV-like devices the Upper Party uses to observe and watch over the citizens behavior.

These screens symbolize the Party's constant monitoring of their subjects. Also, the telescreens show how totalitarian governments abuse their power for personal gain, instead of for bettering the citizens
is the story of how Winston Smith attempts to rebel from the controlling system he is trapped in, but eventually ends up in an even worse position than before.

The author, George Orwell, uses this novel not only to tell a tale, but to explain his thoughts on the future with several themes and multiple symbols.
The use of an object to represent a bigger idea or quality.

incorporates multiple symbols, some of the more prominent ones being the telescreens, Big Brother, and Winston's diary.
Alizeh Khalifa
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