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Pearl Continental Presentation


Unzila Aftab

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Pearl Continental Presentation

Group members Unzila Aftab
Maimoona Wasif Sadi
Sumbul Shabbir
Zehra Abdi MR.SADRUDDIN HASHWANI Mission statement: Vision Statement: Strategic Objectives and Goals: Organogram: Internal Environment Secrets to our sustained leadership in hospitality are Excellency and Dynamism through offering competitive and innovative high quality value added services to our guests and business partners.
To meet the challenges of modern business, we constantly upgrade our operations and services in line with the latest technological facilities.
As a responsible corporate citizen, maintaining the highest level of governance, ethical standards and prudence.
Keeping close-watch at socio-political environment to make use of all available growth opportunities through aggressive and proactive approach.
Believe in strong and professional workforce by providing challenging and rewarding environment and equal respect to all through creating the sense of participation towards the success of our vision.
We are committed to dynamic growth and service excellence built upon our heritage of traditional hospitality. We strive to consistently meet and surpass guests’, employees’ and other stakeholders’ expectations. We feel pride in making efforts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the international arena”. Sustain potential market share
successful completion of all expansion projects
Seek improvement in employees
Continue achieving sales growth to support long term plan

Organizational Background:
established under the leadership of Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani
well known for its forward-looking approach, and highest standards of quality and integrity
Starting with Cotton Trading, Hashoo Group of Companies today posseses the chain of Five -Star Hotels in Pakistan namely The Pearl Continental Hotels chain and the Karachi Marriott and the Islamabad Marriott Hotels.
Hashoo Group of Companies besides hotel industry encompasses oil and gas exploration, mining, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, tourism and travelThe Group is constantly on its forward march. Some examples of it are; The construction of Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban in the picturesque Murree hills, Construction of new wing called Atrium Wing of The Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore equipped with the most modern amenities.
Continual up-gradation and modernizationPearl Continental(karachi and islamabad both) Acquisitions of the of state-of-the-art Ceramics Factory to design and produce crockery and a plant known as Gel caps to manufacture halal gelatin capsules
M. Hashwani’s Vision knows no bounds and it will be difficult to predict as to what will be his focus of attention tomorrow. For him time is short and the Art is long.
Pakistan services Limited
It owns and operates the Pearl Continental Hotels (formerly InterContinental Hotels) and is recognized as the largest and oldest hotel company in Pakistan. 
PSL Hotels:
PC Karachi, PC Lahore, PC Rawalpindi, PC Peshawar, PC Bhurban, PC Muzaffarabad,
PC Gawadar

Products and services Laundry/Dry Cleaning, Travel Desk & Airline Offices, Jewelry and Gem shops, Concierge Parking, Authorized Money Changer, Baby Sitting, Shopping Arcade, Beauty Salon, In-House Doctor, Florist, Bookstore, Pharmacy, 24-Hour Room Service, Car Rental Service, 24-Hour Business Center, Recreational Facilities,Photographer
Customers Social class it focuses politicians, international delegates, tourists and other officials.
Many foreigners want to experience Pakistani culture along with a clean, hygienic and safe place to explore;
Many international and national organizations use PSL’s services to hold seminar, meetings, workshops, etc.
Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani Through his hard work he became a prominent businessman in Pakistan.
The Hashoo Group was established in 1960 by Sadruddin HashwaniPearl Continental Hotels and Marriot Hotels operated by his group are industry standard for hospitality industry in PakistanHe is chairman of pearl Continental Hotel.
For his distinguished services to the tourism industry of Pakistan he was awarded a gold medal in 1993
Prior to being the chairman of Pearl Continental he started a cotton trading business and became prominent
Suppliers: No direct Purchase
All purchases done through "Tajeri"
All material required is handled by them
Competitors: New hotels over the years providing similar services as PC.
Threats of Products or Services
New restaurants popping up all over Karachi have put a strain on the cafes and restaurants within the hotel.

External environment Economic Environment
PC is trying to achieve strong economic environment through :
Providing services with respect to different income level of people.
Different efforts so that customers avail their services. 
Demographic Environment:
Pearl Continental has a strong demographic environment.
The hotel provides different services according to its demographic features. 
Offers special packages according to different demographic factors. There are special packages for children, for women & for business people etc.
 Now a days the trend is changing more people specially youth and people from corporate side more often visit because of the seminars, conferences and workshops held therefore a whole new age bracket is opening up.
 That is rapidly expanding and to utilize this they have set deals for event organizing companies that offer subsidies in room rents, added features such as free laundry/dry cleaning and added meals in the packages.
Socio cultural The unique culture of the cities is exhibited here.
Karachi, Lahore, Bhurban, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Muzaffarabad and Gwadar.
Changing trends :
Students from all over Pakistan are involved in organizing or attending events, seminars, workshops and conferences.
Another change in the trend is the wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and all the different kinds of parties being held fashion shows and launch events are organized in the hotel.
Political and Legal environment abides by the rules formed by the government and set their strategies that are according to the laws and legislations of the Government
comply with the code of Corporate Governance (the Code) contained in Regulation No. 35 of listing regulations of the Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited.
The company has zero tolerance policy for any corrupt practices. monitoring at each tier to ensure that the employees are working within the framework of “Statement of Ethics and Business Practices (SEBP)”
Technological environment Innovation and improvement in technology can lead to progress
Security systems of the properties are strengthened and security policies suited to the developing scenario.
The Internet bandwidth is being continually increased to fulfill the need for new applications.
Wi-Fi coverage has been improved and extended further.
Old technology TVs have been replaced with latest LCD TVs. Multimedia connectivity to LCD TVs has been catered for through special design panels.
New high speed computers are being progressively inducted for faster service
Opera Micros Software has been installed at PC Karachi and PC Lahore and now being installed at PC Rawalpindi and PC Bhurban.
Organizational Structure Departments PSL follows customer departmentalization where jobs are on the basis of specific and unique customer needs. It has the following Departments:
Food & Beverage, House keeping, Front office, reception, Personnel/HR, Finance/sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Guest relations/Customer services
Level of Management Top level of management.
Middle level of management
lower level of management More mechanistic in nature, why?A requirement for smooth running due to its large size Efficient management
High work specialization
Mixture of functional and customer departmentalization
Top-to-down and clear chain of command
Span of control according to individual capabilities
Decentralized structure Involvement encouraging environment – weekly, monthly daily meeting with employees
Top management – strategic and non-programmed decision
Lower management – programmed decisions
Operational plans at directorial level
Input from directors in strategic management
Different degrees of formalization
Higher in lower level employees
Lower in higher level employees
Flexibility with employees who come in contact with customer e.g. front office
Organizational culture Customer- responsive culture Employees are allowed to bend the rules to a certain extent to make the customer happy. 
Employees are familiarized with the history of PC to ensure maximum performance.
Employees are treated equally; everyone is called associates not junior and senior. 
The monthly meetings are called "Team Follow ups"
Services at all the restaurants are also fast every order takes 15 to 20 minutes.24 hour room service, laundry valet, shoe shine, hair salon/barber, Gift shop/newsstand, safe deposit box at front desk, rental car desk, airline desk etc.
Employees PC culture strongly revolves around customer satisfaction, integrity, hospitality, etc.All employees strictly follow to a set of values and share a common vision.
Encourages employees to incorporate with them the following values:
Honesty, loyalty, cleanliness, balance, change, consistency, candidness
Strategic Management Growth Strategies – ConcentrationHotel One – started in 2007CEO – Haseeb Gardezi, Certified Hotel Professional from Cornell School of Hotel Administration, USA.Targets the middle classValue for money positioning and competition
Lahore – Islamabad – Faisalabad – Sialkot – Multan – Bahawalpur
Stability strategy Competitive strategy Differentiation strategy
Consistent delivery of high quality services
Positive brand image over the years
Strong customer service strategies – deeply ingrained culture of hospitality
Human resource management Recruitment
Internal memo
Employee referrals Newspaper and other media ads for higher positions

One month pay provided in case of a layoffIn case of firing three warning are given which if not headed the person is fired.No specific time interval between warningSerious misconducts or issues
Candidates may have to give 4-5 or even more interviews depending on the position.
Interviews for top level positions are conducted by the members of the board.
Background checks are performed of the employees to confirm given details and then they undergo physical examinations as well.
PC uses both types of orientation methods.
Employees are given an:
Organization orientation; where they are told about company’s goals, departments, history, broader rules and they are given a tour of the hotel.
Work unit orientation; so they can get an idea how their work contributes to the larger goals of the organization to engender a sense of purpose.
Social Obligation and Social Responsiveness Hires disabled people.Provides maternity leaves.Rs.131 million to the Aga Khan Foundation, the Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, the Hashoo Foundation and the Umeed-e-Noor Trust.Changing old electrical systems to safer and efficient systems, purchasing energy efficient equipment and machines, substitution of LEDs for standard lighting lamps.
Training in Pearl Continental is conducted by the training department (that comes under HR) done on daily, monthly and weekly bases.
general and specific types of trainings .
departmental trainers as well, nominated by the director that train other employees based on their performance.
job rotation to see and identify how work is done in other departments and develop a connection with other employees as well. Performance management
done on a monthly and sometimes on weekly bases if the need be.
Performance appraisal is done through written essays in which the evaluator writes the description of employee’s past performance, strength and weaknesses and the potential they have.
appraisals are also given on weekly bases.
Employees performing poorly are given notice and suggestions plus trainings. Compensation and benefits
Work schedule:
Meals and breaks:I meal and 2 tea in one shift, 15 minute break of tea and breakfast, 30 minutes lunch breakLeaves: Casual (Maximum 3), Sick (Medical certificate for three or more), Earned (Minimum 7)
Increments:Medical Allowance:Family Counselling:
Career banefits: Employees are provided with trainings so that they can improve their performance and get promoted. Green Management Ensures that its operational activities involving wastes: gaseous, liquid and solid are treated first before disposal to safeguard environmentCleanliness of not only inside of the hotel premises but also its immediate surroundingsIt can be said that PC has adopted a market approach to environmental sensitivity SWOT Analysis Strength:
Very strong and positive brand image.
Strong financial backing by Hashoo Group of Companies.
Largest hotel chain in Pakistan.
Consistently delivered promise of high quality services and accommodation.
Loyal and strong customer base in targeted segments.
Routine trainings to develop competency and capabilities of employees.
Benefits provided to employees, that no other organization is providing.
Outdated website design and lagging online reservation system
Lack of deals and packages that are being provided by other hotels in the same market.
Going international
Increasing market share and achieving security by opening more Hotel One chains
Capture the youth market by developing packages and deals for students
Designing city tours, especially for international customers.
Opening of international hotel chains
Threat of heavy financial losses if market share is taken by competitors
Changing government policies regarding taxation and other tariffs.Increasing inflation
Management challenges To bring out the best in their employees.
Deal with under performing employees.
Deal with outstanding employees.
hire the right people Recommendations Developing packages for students Redesigning the website to fit the persona or theme of Pearl Continental Hotels Future ideas regarding green management: Automatic dispensers for shampoos, conditioners and soaps - avoid using plastic bottles, Dual flush, Solar energy , Photo-sensitive switches
Conclusion Pearl Continental Hotels is a leader in the Pakistan’s hotel industry with a reputable name and image. Its future plans of expanding its target market it will surely take the company to new heights due to its excellent services and years of experience. The End....
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