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Bon Voyage

No description

pink princess

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Bon Voyage

A french phrase borrowed into English
use the phrase when someone is going on a journey embarking a new life or just a trip
John said bon voyage to his troublesome neighbors as they left for another state.
Origin of Bon Voyage
late 17th century: French, literally 'good journey'.
Simple wish

'Good luck and bon voyage!'

(express farewell and good
wishes to a departing
Sunday, April 13, 2014
Meeting, No. 322
Star of Arabia
You could also throw a bon voyage party, if you were celebrating with a friend who was about to embark on a long trip.
Usage - Bon Voyage party

Give the girl a bon voyage party
before she goes, and we can
celebrate her birthday back
in Canada.
Bon Voyage
A phrase said to people who are going away, meaning " I hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey".
e.g a friend is going to study
abroad you can just
say Bon voyage!

e.g Everyone said their bon voyages
as the happy couple left on a
cruise for their honeymoon.
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